"Ashcan" Pete
Core Set
Health Sanity Skill Points
11 9 4
Strength Marksmanship Dexterity
5 6 5
Starting Items
Strength Marksmanship Dexterity
6 6 7
Starting Items
Intellect Willpower Lore Luck
3 7 3 3
Special Ability
Once per game, before making an evade test, you may use this ability to gain +4 to all evade tests this turn.
Intellect Willpower Lore Luck
4 6 2 4
Special Ability
Action: Once per game, discard any number of equipment, tome, artifact, and weapon cards.(?) Gain 1 skill point for each card discarded in this way.
"Ashcan" Pete
The Drifter
Recurring Nightmares
Health Sanity
7 7
MoM2-Icon Strength MoM2-Icon Agility MoM2-Icon Observation
4 4 4
MoM2-Icon Lore MoM2-Icon Influence MoM2-Icon Will
3 2 4
Special Ability
You begin the game with the Duke Unique Item.
"Ashcan" Pete
The Drifter
Core Set
Sanity Stamina
4 6
Special Ability
Scrounge: Each time Pete gains 1 common item, unique item, or spell after setup, he may choose to instead gain 1 clue token, common item, unique item, or spell.
Starting Items
"Ashcan" starts with the Duke ally.
AHTCG-Icon UniqueTDL-5: "Ashcan" Pete
The Drifter
C'mere, boy. We got work to do.
Type Subtype
Investigator Drifter
Faction AHTCG-Icon Health AHTCG-Icon Sanity
Survivor 6 5
AHTCG-Icon Willpower 2 AHTCG-Icon Intellect 2 AHTCG-Icon Combat 2 AHTCG-Icon Agility 2
4 2 2 3
You begin the game with Duke in play.
AHTCG-Icon FreeDiscard a card from your hand: Ready an asset you control. (Limit once per round.)
AHTCG-Icon Elder Sign effect
+2. Ready Duke.
Size: 30
Options: Survivor cards (AHTCG-Icon Seeker) level 0–5, Neutral cards level 0–5, up to five level 0 cards from any other class.
Requirements: Duke, Wracked by Nightmares, 1 random basic weakness.

"Ashcan" Pete is an Investigator that appears in Arkham Horror Second Edition Core Set, Mansions of Madness First Edition Core Set, Mansions of Madness Second Edition Recurring Nightmares, Elder Sign Core Set, and Arkham Horror: The Card Game The Dunwich Legacy.



When you've lived on the streets as long as Pete has, you see things. Things that would drive braver men screaming into the night. But you also learn to be quiet, to stay hidden, and to play stupid if all else fails. It also helps to have a good dog, like Duke, to scare away the meaner elements of the street.

Unfortunately, this time, Pete can't hide, and there's nothing Duke can do to protect him. His nightmares have been growing steadily worse over the last month, driving him all the way here... to Arkham. Even the whiskey isn't helping much anymore. Soon, he won't be able to sleep at all. Still, there are always opportunities for a man who knows how to stay quiet... as long as he isn't too picky.[1]

At night, "Ashcan" Pete sleeps wherever his travels take him: in a field, on a train, or maybe, if he's lucky, in a barn. He bunks with his loyal hound dog, Duke, on one side and his beat-up guitar on the other. And sometimes when "Ashcan" Pete sleeps, he dreams. He dreams of haunted, tortured places and of horrible creatures. When he wakes up, he knows that someone needs his help, because his dreams are true. He couldn't say how long he's been on the road, living by his wits, but he can say for certain no place is too far to go to help someone in need. And as long as Pete can help people, he's not likely to stop wandering any time soon.[2][3][4]

The Investigators of Arkham HorrorEdit

Pete "Ashcan" Washburne grew up in Kingsport.[5]


The Mansions of Madness and Elder Sign Investigator cards for "Ashcan" Pete use an illustration[?] from AEPSS-I6: Drifter by Patrick McEvoy.

The Arkham Horror: The Card Game Investigator card for "Ashcan" Pete uses an illustration[?] by Jake Murray.

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