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Agnes Baker
The Waitress
Horrific Journeys
Health Sanity
7 7
Strength Agility Observation Lore Influence Will
2 3 4 5 4 3
Special Ability
You begin the game with the Storm of Spirits Spell.
Agnes Baker
The Waitress
Omens of Ice
Sanity Stamina
6 4
Special Ability
Past Lives: When Agnes secures a die on one of her spells, she may change the result of that die to a result of her choice.
Starting Items
UniqueCS-4: Agnes Baker
The Waitress
"I remember another life, one of sorcery and conquest."
Type Subtype
Investigator Sorcerer
Faction Health Sanity
Mystic 6 8
Willpower Intellect Combat Agility
5 2 2 3
ReactionAfter 1 or more horror is placed on Agnes Baker: Deal 1 damage to an enemy at your location. (Limit once per phase.)
Elder Sign effect
+1 for each horror on Agnes Baker.
Size: 30
Options: Mystic cards (Mystic) level 0–5, Survivor cards (Survivor) level 0–2, Neutral cards level 0–5.
Requirements: Heirloom of Hyperborea, Dark Memory, 1 random basic weakness.

Agnes Baker is an Investigator that appears in the Arkham Horror Second Edition Innsmouth Horror, Mansions of Madness Second Edition Horrific Journeys, Elder Sign Omens of Ice, and Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set.


The Story So Far[]

Agnes Baker may be just an unassuming waitress in this life, but in a previous life, she knows that she was a powerful witch. In a time and age undreamt of in the modern world, she forced spirits to obey her and destroyed her enemies with terrifying energies.

She might have never known of her previous incarnation had she not fallen from a ladder and hit her head while changing a light in the diner. But when she awoke in the hospital, she whispered one word, "Hyperborea."

Even then, she would have dismissed her visions of a past life as simple hallucinations if it wasn't for the fact that the spells she dreamed of were real. Trying one in secret, mortally embarrassed to even be attempting it, she was stunned to see it take effect. Since then, she has been nurturing her new powers in secret, extremely careful not to let anyone else find out.

But as Agnes finishes her shift at the diner this evening, a whisper in the air warns her. Something is coming. Something that destroyed her once before, in the ancient past, and she must be prepared.[1]

Agnes Baker lived an uneventful life as a waitress until she found that strange, old key among the family belongings she kept in her attic. When her fingers brushed against it, memories of a previous life flooded her mind.

In that life, the woman who would become Agnes was a powerful sorceress, well-versed in spell-casting and a myriad of arcane lore. The more Agnes explored the memories from her past life, the more she found she could tap into her past lives' abilities, even performing magical feats herself! As Agnes learns and her power grows, she is obsessed with one word from these memories: "Hyperborea."[2]

Agnes Baker may be just an unassuming waitress in this life, but in a previous life, in a time and age undreamed of in the modern world, she had been a powerful witch. It began when she found a strange artifact—a key of some kind—in a dusty collection of family belongings in her attic. When she touched it, the memories came flooding back, along with one word: "Hyperborea." The more she delved into the visions and memories of her former life, the stronger her powers grew... and the more frightened she became.[3]

Agnes Baker (short story)[]

Agnes works as a waitress at Velma's Diner.[4]


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