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FL-96: Alaskan Sledge Dog [F]
Alaskan Sledge Dog FL-96.png
Type Subtype
Character Creature
Faction Cost Skill
Neutral 1 1
Terror Combat Arcane Investigation
0 0 0 0
Card Text
Immune to Polar events.
You may play with up to 8 copies of Alaskan Sledge Dog in your deck.
Alaskan Sledge Dog gains a Combat icon and +1 skill for each card titled Alaskan Sledge Dog in play.

Alaskan Sledge Dog is a Character Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Forgotten Lore.


FL-96 appears in the Necronomicon Draft Pack.


FL-96 uses an illustration[?] by Leonardo Borazio.