Atlach-Nacha ~ Elder Sign - Gates of Arkham
Gates of Arkham ES-Icon Restriction
Elder Sign Doom Track
13 10
ES-Icon Doom-DoomES-Icon Doom-GateES-Icon Doom-DoomES-Icon Doom-Gate
ES-Icon Doom-DoomES-Icon Doom-GateES-Icon Doom-DoomES-Icon Doom-Gate
ES-Icon Doom-DoomES-Icon Doom-Gate
Special Ability
Web Between Worlds: Whenever a gate opens, a monster appears!
At Midnight: If there are 3 or more open gates, add 1 doom token to the doom track.

Battle Task
ES-Icon Lore TaskES-Icon Terror TaskES-Icon Peril Task
When Atlach-Nacha awakens, each investigator loses 1 sanity for each open gate. Then place all open gates on this card.
When Atlach-Nacha attacks, place 1 gate on this card, if able, and then each investigator loses 1 sanity or 1 stamina for each gate on this card.
AHTCG-Icon UniqueFL-113: Atlach-Nacha [F]
The Spider God
Type Subtype
Character Ancient One
Faction Cost Skill
Hastur 6 6
CoCTCG-Icon Terror 2 CoCTCG-Icon Combat 2 CoCTCG-Icon Arcane 2 CoCTCG-Icon Investigation 2
4 0 1 0
Toughness +3
Card Text
Atlach-Nacha's text box cannot be blanked, or treated as if it were blank.
Response: After Atlach-Nacha commits to a story, discard the top card of any opponent's deck. If that card is not a character card, place 1 success token on that story.
Atlach-Nacha is an Ancient One that appears in the Elder Sign Gates of Arkham expansion and a Character Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Forgotten Lore asylum pack cycle.



The Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham Ancient One Card for Hastur and FL-113 use an illustration[?] by Rafal Hrynkiewicz.[1]


Atlach-Nacha first appeared in the story The Seven Geases (Clark Ashton Smith, 1934).

Atlach-Nacha is a Great Old One which appears as a huge spider with an anthropoid head. Atlach-Nacha was said to have come to Earth from Saturn along with Tsathoggua; in other version of the myth, the spider god spun a web between the two planets that allowed Tsathoggua to arrive.

The spider-god lives within a great chasm beneath Mount Voormithadreth in Hyperborea, though reports of the god have also come from Siberia and Peru. Atlach-Nacha spends all its time bridging a bottomless chasm between the waking world and the Dreamlands with its web, a task which will keep it occupied until the end of the world.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. FL-13 erroneously credits the artwork to Carlos Valenzuela.
  2. Harms, Daniel, "Atlach-Nacha", Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia.
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