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Calvin Wright
The Haunted
Calvin Wright ~ Elder Sign - Omens of the Pharaoh.png
Omens of the Pharaoh
Sanity Stamina
6 6
Special Ability
Friend Indeed: At the start of his turn, Calvin may spend any amount of sanity and/or stamina to cause another investigator to regain that much sanity and/or stamina.
Starting Items
Unique ItemSpell
UniqueTFA-5: Calvin Wright
The Haunted
File:Calvin Wright TFA-5.png
"If you hurt him, I'll kill you."
Type Subtype
Investigator Cursed
Faction Health Sanity
Survivor 6 6
Willpower Intellect Combat Agility
0 0 0 0
You get +1 Willpower and +1 Intellect for each horror on you.
You get +1 Combat and +1 Agility for each damage on you.
Elder Sign effect
+0. You may either heal 1 damage or horror, or take 1 direct damage or direct horror.
Size: 30
Options: Survivor cards (Survivor) level 0–5, Spirit cards level 0–3, Neutral cards level 0–5.
Requirements: Until the End of Time, Voice of the Messenger, 1 random basic weakness.

Calvin Wright is an Investigator that appears in the Elder Sign Omens of the Pharaoh and Arkham Horror: The Card Game The Forgotten Age.


The Story So Far[]

Sometimes, life gives you a choice: accept the lot that is given to you or stand up for who you are and what you believe. Calvin chose the latter. On the edge of death, bleeding out on the side of a dirt road, he received a vision - a terrifying vision of the Earth, sundered, and João, the love of his life, turning to ash in the vortex of a blazing inferno. Then, Calvin made another choice. He reached out to the darkness and pulled it within him. He would not die, not today. The world needed him. João needed him.[1]


Notes and references[]

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