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EE-67: Construction Crew [C]
File:Construction Crew EE-67.png
Type Subtype
Character Benefactor
Faction Cost Skill
The Syndicate 3 3
Terror Combat Arcane Investigation
0 1 0 0
TransientTransientThe SyndicateThe Syndicate
Card Text
Disrupt: before an effect resolves, pay 1 and sacrifice Construction Crew. Then, put it into play, face down, as a domain with the top card of your deck attached to it as a resource.

Construction Crew is a Character Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Eldritch Edition.


EE-67 appears in the Eldritch Edition Premium Starter Set as I7 and I8.


EE-67 uses an illustration[?] by David Monette.