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Dark Druid
The Black Goat of the Woods


Will Strength Observation
−1 −2 −2
Horror Damage Toughness
1Horror 1Damage 2
Physical Resistance
Dark Druid is treated as a Cultist. When Dark Druid moves on a black path, all other monsters move on black after their normal movement.
Dark Druid
Call of the Wild
Type Evade Horror
Humanoid −2 +1

Damage Stamina
2 5
Special Attack
He points a bony finger at you then cries out in a loud voice.
Test Luck +1.
Pass: Nothing happens.
Fail: Dark shadows swarm toward you.
You are cursed. The keeper may then move 1 monster 1 space towards you.
Damage Stamina
1 6
Special Attack
His thoughts probe into your mind.
Test Lore.
Pass: Nothing happens.
Fail: You sense that you've lost something.
You must discard 1 of your
Spell cards (without drawing a replacement). If you do not have any, take 1 horror.
Dark Druid

Clad in dark robes, these pagan priests are mortal men driven to unnatural practices.
Suppressed Memories [2X]
Aware Horror Brawn
3 2 2
FL-120: Dark Druid [F]
"Nature, you ask? Nature is rot, nature is death, nature is relentless decay."
Type Subtype
Character Monster
Faction Cost Skill
Shub-Niggurath 3 2
Terror Combat Arcane Investigation
1 0 1 0
Card Text
When Dark Druid enters play from your hand, search your deck for a card titled Dark Druid, reveal it, and place it in your hand.

Dark Druid is a Monster that appears in the Arkham Horror Second Edition The Black Goat of the Woods, Mansions of Madness First Edition Call of the Wild and Mansions of Madness Second Edition Suppressed Memories, and a Character Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Forgotten Lore.


FL-120 uses an illustration[?] by Gabrielle Portal.

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