Dhol Chants
Core Set
The Silver Tablet
'til Death Do Us Part
Type Subtype
Exploration Tome
Card Text
Action: Test Intellect +1.
Pass: Take 1 horror, discard this card, and gain a "Shriveling" Spell card.
Fail: Nothing happens.
EE-54: Dhol Chants [C]
Type Subtype
Support Attachment
Faction Cost
Miskatonic University 0
SteadfastCoCTCG-Icon Miskatonic UniversityCoCTCG-Icon Miskatonic University
Card Text
Attach to a character.
Action: pay 2 to give attached character an icon of your choice until the end of the phase.

Dhol Chants is an Exploration Card that appears in the Mansions of Madness First Edition Core Set, The Silver Tablet, and 'til Death Do Us Part, and a Support Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Eldritch Edition.


EE-54 appears in the Eldritch Edition Premium Starter Set as I34.


EE-54 uses an illustration[?] by Marc Simonetti.


The Dhol Chants first appeared in the story The Horror in the Museum (H.P. Lovecraft with Hazel Heald, 1938).

The Dhol Chants is a book from the Plateau of Leng. A Chinese copy was discovered in an Asian monastery of undisclosed location in 1650, and English copies have appeared since then. Metaphysical research has proven a link between this manuscript and the beings known as "Dholes", but whether or not they influenced its text in some way remains uncertain.

This book contains five hundred and fifty-five different "chants", which are not meditative in nature. They include one which calls the "Blue Glow" (whatever that may be), and others which are used to command spirits. The reader should be warned, though, that the beneficial spells within are often ineffectual, while the spells of vengeance usually only take effect after the caster's death.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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