SotD-8: Emerging Deep One [F]
Emerging Deep One SotD-8
He could feel the changes inside of him. An inner beast yearning to escape. It would be soon.
Type Subtype
Character Deep One
Faction Cost Skill
Cthulhu 2 3
CoCTCG-Icon Terror 2 CoCTCG-Icon Combat 2 CoCTCG-Icon Arcane 2 CoCTCG-Icon Investigation 2
0 2 1 0
Card Text
Forced Response: After you play Emerging Deep One from your hand, choose and destroy a CoCTCG-Icon Cthulhu character.

Emerging Deep One is a Character Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Summons of the Deep.


SotD-8 uses an illustration[?] by Mike Capprotti.

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