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Spawn of Madness
Asylum Pack for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) CT12e
ISBN(s) 9781589947337
Release date(s) 2011
MSRP $14.95
Rating BGG: 7.0/10
Spawn of Madness on Fantasy Flight Games
Spawn of Madness on Card Game DB
Spawn of Madness on Board Game Geek
Kingsport Dreams
Asylum Pack for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) CT13e
ISBN(s) 9781589947344
Release date(s) 2011
MSRP $14.95
Rating BGG: 7.1/10
Kingsport Dreams on Fantasy Flight Games
Kingsport Dreams on Card Game DB
Kingsport Dreams on Board Game Geek
Conspiracies of Chaos
Asylum Pack for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) CT14e
ISBN(s) 9781589947351
Release date(s) 2011
MSRP $14.95
Rating BGG: 7.3/10
Conspiracies of Chaos on Fantasy Flight Games
Conspiracies of Chaos on Card Game DB
Conspiracies of Chaos on Board Game Geek
Dunwich Denizens
Asylum Pack for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) CT15e
ISBN(s) 9781589947368
Release date(s) 2011
MSRP $14.95
Rating BGG: 7.3/10
Dunwich Denizens on Fantasy Flight Games
Dunwich Denizens on Card Game DB
Dunwich Denizens on Board Game Geek
The Mountains of Madness
Asylum Pack for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) CT16e
ISBN(s) 9781589947375
Release date(s) 2008
MSRP $14.95
Rating BGG: 7.0/10
The Mountains of Madness on Fantasy Flight Games
The Mountains of Madness on Card Game DB
The Mountains of Madness on Board Game Geek
Ancient Horrors
Asylum Pack for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) CT17e
ISBN(s) 9781589947382
Release date(s) 2008
MSRP $14.95
Rating BGG: 7.1/10
Ancient Horrors on Fantasy Flight Games
Ancient Horrors on Card Game DB
Ancient Horrors on Board Game Geek

Forgotten Lore is an asylum pack cycle for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, composed of the Spawn of Madness, Kingsport Dreams, Conspiracies of Chaos, Dunwich Denizens, The Mountains of Madness, and Ancient Horrors asylum packs. Each pack is composed of a roughly balanced mix of the seven contemporaneous factions, as well as additional Neutral cards.

The first four packs were originally printed as separate packs for the introduction of the Living Card Game format to the original Call of Cthulhu CCG format. When the card game fully switched over to the LCG format, these four packs were reprinted as part of the unified "Forgotten Lore" cycle, coming in packs of sixty cards for three copies of each card which were updated to incorporate a new set icon and all available errata.

The Mountains of Madness and Ancient Horrors were originally printed as independent sets with their own set icons and internal numbering, but these were later reprinted as part of the Forgotten Lore cycle as well.



Spawn of MadnessEdit

Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
1Shadow TeamThe AgencyCharacterF
2Torch the Joint!The AgencyEventF
3Omega AlumnusMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
4Unspeakable ResearchMiskatonic UniversityEventF
5Danny O'Bannion's CronyThe SyndicateCharacterF
6Gun Runner's ClubThe SyndicateSupportF
7Cthuloid SpawnCthulhuCharacterF
8The Sleeper Awakens!CthulhuEventF
9Obscene ByakheeHasturCharacterF
10Altar of MadnessHasturSupportF
11Elder ThingYog-SothothCharacterF
12Revelation of the SpheresYog-SothothEventF
13Dreamlands MessengerShub-NiggurathCharacterF
Glimpse of the Void FL-14 14Glimpse of the VoidShub-NiggurathEventF
15Student of the ProfaneNeutralCharacterF
16Ghost of PerditionNeutralCharacterF
17Arkham InmateNeutralCharacterF
Artifact of the Lost Cities FL-18 18Artifact of the Lost CitiesNeutralSupportF
19Written in the SkyNeutralEventF
20The Greatest FearNeutralEventF

Kingsport DreamsEdit

Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
21The Terrible Old ManThe AgencyCharacterF
22Neil's Curiosity ShopThe AgencySupportF
23Thomas OlneyMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
24The Hall SchoolMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
25William BainThe SyndicateCharacterF
26The Seventh House on the LeftThe SyndicateSupportF
27St. Erasmus' Home for MarinersCthulhuSupportF
28Called to the SeaCthulhuEventF
29Charles Dexter WardHasturCharacterF
30Artists ColonyHasturSupportF
31Visitor from the SpheresYog-SothothCharacterF
32Dreams in LimboYog-SothothEventF
33Basil EltonShub-NiggurathCharacterF
Thunder in the East FL-34 34Thunder in the EastShub-NiggurathEventF
Mentor to Vaughn FL-35 35Mentor to VaughnNeutralCharacterF
Nodens FL-36 36NodensNeutralCharacterF
Tulzscha FL-37 37TulzschaNeutralCharacterF
38Granny OrneNeutralCharacterF
39607 Walter StreetNeutralSupportF
40The Rope and Anchor TavernNeutralSupportF

Conspiracies of ChaosEdit

Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
Mr. Grey FL-41 41Mr. GreyThe AgencyCharacterF
42The Blackwood ConspiracyThe AgencyConspiracyF
43Seeker of the ProfaneMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
A Conspiracy of Scholars FL-44 44A Conspiracy of ScholarsMiskatonic UniversityConspiracyF
45Tragic CelebrityThe SyndicateCharacterF
The Underground Conspiracy FL-46 46The Underground ConspiracyThe SyndicateConspiracyF
47Mutant SpawnCthulhuCharacterF
48The R'lyeh ConspiracyCthulhuConspiracyF
49Shrieking ByakheeHasturCharacterF
50The Hidden ConspiracyHasturConspiracyF
51Blood MagicianYog-SothothCharacterF
The Ritual Conspiracy FL-52 52The Ritual ConspiracyYog-SothothConspiracyF
53Displaced CthonianShub-NiggurathCharacterF
54Dreamlands ConspiracyShub-NiggurathConspiracyF
55Ol' Lazy EyesNeutralCharacterF
Crazy Eddie FL-56 56Crazy EddieNeutralCharacterF
57Flare GunNeutralSupportF
Kitab Al-Azif FL-58 58Kitab Al-AzifNeutralSupportF
Broken Space, Broken Time FL-59 59Broken Space, Broken TimeNeutralEventF
60Beneath the MireNeutralEventF

Duniwch DenizensEdit

Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
61Canine GuardianThe AgencyCharacterF
62Development CampThe AgencySupportF
Professor Rice FL-63 63Professor RiceMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Professor Morgan FL-64 64Professor MorganMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Professor Armitage FL-65 65Professor ArmitageMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
66Hack JournalistThe SyndicateCharacterF
67Ancient GoldThe SyndicateSupportF
68Noises in the HillsCthulhuEventF
69Devil's Hop YardCthulhuSupportF
70Feathery WatchersHasturCharacterF
71Cold Spring GlenHasturSupportF
72The Dunwich HorrorYog-SothothCharacterF
Wilbur Whateley FL-73 73Wilbur WhateleyYog-SothothCharacterF
74Sentinel HillYog-SothothSupportF
Lavinia Whateley FL-75 75Lavinia WhateleyShub-NiggurathCharacterF
76The Stone on the PeakShub-NiggurathSupportF
Whateley's Diary FL-77 77Whateley's DiaryNeutralSupportF
78Pocket TelescopeNeutralSupportF
79The Bootleg Whiskey Cover-UpNeutralConspiracyF
Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris FL-80 80Negotium Perambulans in TenebrisNeutralConspiracyF

The Mountains of MadnessEdit

Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
81Captain George ThorfinnsenThe AgencyCharacterF
82The Barque MiskatonicThe AgencySupportF
Professor Lake FL-83 83Professor LakeMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Notebook Sketches FL-84 84Notebook SketchesMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
85Heavy FursMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
86Specimen BagsThe SyndicateSupportF
87Hand CameraThe SyndicateSupportF
88Cave MouthCthulhuSupportF
Giant Albino Penguin FL-89 89Giant Albino PenguinHasturCharacterF
90White OutHasturEventF
91Polar MirageHasturEventF
Forgotten Shoggoth FL-92 92Forgotten ShoggothYog-SothothCharacterF
93Reawakened Elder ThingYog-SothothCharacterF
94Antarctic YetiShub-NiggurathCharacterF
Snow Graves FL-95 95Snow GravesShub-NiggurathSupportF
Alaskan Sledge Dog FL-96 96Alaskan Sledge DogNeutralCharacterF
98Antarctic WindNeutralEventF
99Polar FogNeutralEventF
100Realm of Ice and DeathNeutralConspiracyF

Ancient HorrorsEdit

Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
101Safari HunterThe AgencyCharacterF
102Ammunitions ExpertThe AgencyCharacterF
103Mr. NgambeThe AgencyCharacterF
104Cafeteria LadyMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Norm Grzbowski FL-105 105Norm GrzbowskiMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
106Professor Albert WilmarthMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
107Richard Finchington IIIThe SyndicateCharacterF
Demented Caretaker FL-108 108Demented CaretakerThe SyndicateCharacterF
109Island HermitThe SyndicateCharacterF
Ghatanothoa FL-111 111GhatanothoaCthulhuCharacterF
112Aspiring ArtistHasturCharacterF
Bringer of Fire FL-114 114Bringer of FireHasturCharacterF
Cthugha FL-115 115CthughaYog-SothothCharacterF
116Tcho-Tcho TribeYog-SothothCharacterF
Opener of the Gate FL-117 117Opener of the GateYog-SothothCharacterF
Nyogtha FL-118 118NyogthaShub-NiggurathCharacterF
Ghoulish Worshipper FL-119 119Ghoulish WorshipperShub-NiggurathCharacterF
120Dark DruidShub-NiggurathCharacterF

Notes and referencesEdit

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