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Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality...

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House of Fears
The movie is already underway.
At any time during his turn, an investigator in the Chapel may ask the keeper what is currently playing on the screen. When this happens, the keeper must read the text matching his story choice on the back of the most current unresolved Event card.
House of Fears
Two translucent women bicker in the corner, seemingly unaware of your presence. "Well, I never! In a place like that!"
"Hey, when things start getting hot, that's the perfect place to go cool off!"
House of Fears
In a corner of the room, two ghostly women are gossiping, unaware of your presence. "Well, I saw them sneaking off together and one of them joked about reading books never being so much fun."
"Good heavens!"
House of Fears
You see the spectres of two lovers, their voices distant. The woman giggles shyly. "Dinner starts soon, darling! We better not be late!"
"To hell with them! We're never leaving..."
The woman turns to you suddenly and screams.

The keeper places a maniac in you room.
House of Fears
You squint your eyes as you watch two ethereal figures embracing. The woman giggles, "Shhh! Daphne only went to the bathroom around the corner. She'll be back! Wait! Who's that?"
The keeper places a maniac in your room.
House of Fears
"I heard that Marion filmed most of the movie here. Go and see for yourself! The room where they were doing research in the film is actually Marion's own office. I hear there's a hidden vault in there with all kinds of footage that didn't make it into the final movie..."
House of Fears
Three spectral partygoers laugh as they hold martini glasses. "Marion was raving about having to stop the monsters, but then she ran into that bathroom next to the projection room. You know, I hear she keeps a hidden vault in there..."
House of Fears
You find Marion Chapel's dead body sprawled on the floor. A note lies nearby: "You think the dead bury the dead, Marion, but you're wrong. I sleep with the dead and they NEVER shut up. Come and join me. Grab your coat and I'll show you how the movie really ends!"
House of Fears
You find Marion Chapel's dead body sprawled on the floor. A note lies nearby: "Don't come down here, Marion. This is my place...these towering stairs lead to lots of dark, secret places where 'Once upon a times' are put on shelves along with our dreams..."
House of Fears
You breathe a sigh of relief as you hold the lost reel. This has to be the real ending of the movie! But suddenly you hear the projectionist shout, "Enjoy the final act!"
Reveal objective. If there is no Hound of Tindalos in play, the keeper places 1 Hound of Tindalos in the Chapel.
House of Fears
You hear a deafening screech, then a thunderous crash. It came from he[citation needed] screening room. Somehow you know that one of the monsters from the movie has crossed into your world...
Reveal objective. If there is no shoggoth in play, the keeper places 1 shoggoth in the Chapel.
House of Fears
As you inspect the final reel of the film, you hear a terrible voice echo from the foyer, "You cannot stop my brilliance! Your souls are all mine! Do not fear. Once I devour you, this will be your eternal home!"
Reveal objective and place a maniac in the foyer.

House of Fears is a scenario that appears in the Mansions of Madness First Edition House of Fears.

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