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Keziah Mason is a character introduced in The Investigators of Arkham Horror, based on the character in H. P. Lovecraft's The Dreams in the Witch House.


Mandy Thompson (short story)[]

Keziah Mason was a witch who lived in what came to be known as the Witch House. In 1692, she was arrested for witchcraft, but while awaiting transfer to her trial in Salem, she escaped by unknown means.[1]


Keziah Mason first appeared in the story The Dreams in the Witch-House (H.P. Lovecraft, 1932).

Keziah Mason was a supposed witch from Arkham, Massachusetts, apprehended during the witchscare of 1692. Keziah Mason confessed freely to her crimes, saying that the Devil had given her the secret name of Nahab and taken her to secret rites at various isolated locations. To aid her mischievous deeds, he had given her a familiar named Brown Jenkin. She had also discovered certain combinations of lines and angles allowing travel through the dimensions.

After she gave the names of her fellow coven members, the judges condemned Keziah to death — an unusual sentence, since most witch-trial participants who confessed were not killed. Shortly thereafter, she escaped from her cell, leaving nothing behind but a mysterious drawing upon the wall of her prison. When the judges went to arrest her co-conspirators, they found them gone and the same markings in their homes. Rumors of long standing in Arkham maintain that the ghost of the witch and her familiar are seen occasionally.[2]

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