AHTCG-Icon UniqueDotU-28: La Bella Luna [F]
Seedy Restaurant
La Bella Luna was a 'multi-purpose' establishment.
Type Subtype
Support Location
Faction Cost
The Syndicate 2
SteadfastCoCTCG-Icon The SyndicateCoCTCG-Icon The Syndicate
Card Text
Forced Response: At the beginning of each opponent's turn, ready a Criminal character you control. If it is Day ready all Criminal characters you control.

La Bella Luna is a Support Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Denizens of the Underworld, and a Location Card that appears in the Arkham Horror: The Card Game The Dunwich Legacy.


DotU-28 appears in the Necronomicon Draft Pack.


DotU-28 uses an illustration[?] by Mark Molnar.


La Bella Luna is an Italian restaurant serving as cover for a speakeasy called The Clover Club. The establishment is owned by Peter Clover and is situated in the Downtown of Arkham, near the Theater.[1](?)

Notes and referencesEdit

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