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Lola Hayes
The Actress
Lola Hayes ~ Elder Sign - Omens of the Deep.png
Omens of the Deep
Sanity Stamina
6 4
Special Ability
Improv: Once per turn, Lola may discard 1 skill to gain 1 skill from either the top or the bottom of the deck. Lola may look at the bottom card of the skill deck at any time.
Starting Items
Common ItemSkill
UniqueTPtC-6: Lola Hayes
The Actress
Perhaps this would be her big comeback.
Type Subtype
Investigator Performer
Faction Health Sanity
Neutral 6 6
Willpower Intellect Combat Agility
3 3 3 3
Forced - After you draw your opening hand: Choose a role (Survivor, Guardian, Seeker, Rogue, Mystic, or Neutral).
You can only play, commit, or trigger abilities on Neutral cards or cards of your role.
Free: Switch your role. (Limit once per round.)
Elder Sign effect
+2. You may switch roles.
Size: 35
Options: Survivor, Guardian, Seeker, Rogue, and Mystic cards (Survivor, Guardian, Seeker, Rogue, and Mystic) level 0–3, Neutral cards level 0–5.
Requirements: 2 copies of Improvisation, 2 copies of Crisis of Identity, 1 random basic weakness.
Additional Requirements: Your deck must include at least 7 cards each from 3 different classes (Survivor, Guardian, Seeker, Rogue, or Mystic).

Lola Hayes is an Investigator that appears in the Arkham Horror Second Edition Kingsport Horror, Elder Sign Omens of the Deep, and Arkham Horror: The Card Game The Path to Carcosa.


The Story So Far[]

Lola walked out the doors of Arkham Asylum into a bright, sunny day. It had been the right move, checking herself into the sanitarium to recuperate after her last show. She still didn't like to think about that play, of course—all that strange chanting and those awful masks; they still appeared sometimes in her nightmares.

She glanced down again at the newspaper clipping in her hand. "Famous Director Hangs Himself!" She had decided to check out of the asylum when she had seen it and realized that there was something more to that play than just her own wild imaginings.

Subtly checking once more to make sure her derringer was still safely hidden, Lola strode back out onto center stage for what could be her final starring role.[1]

Lola has performed to sold-out houses worldwide, but no play has been as haunting or as odd as The King in Yellow. Even during rehearsals, everything about it brought calamity and dread. When her co-star, Miriam, was found floating dead in the Seine, she decided she'd had enough, and penned a letter to the director explaining that her next performance would be her last. Now she heads home to Arkham for one final show, hoping she can finally be rid of this dreadful play.[2]


Notes and references[]

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