The Miskatonic River flows west-east, originating west of the town of Aylesbury and reaching the Atlantic Ocean just north of Kingsport, after passing through the Miskatonic Valley. Its name is of Alglonquin origin.

Before reaching its estuary, the river passes through the city of Arkham, splitting it into two. At this point a lone, Unvisited Isle breaks the monotony of the river's surface.[1]


The Miskatonic river first appeared in the story The Picture in the House (H.P. Lovecraft, 1920).

The Miskatonic river is a body of water that springs from the hills to the west of Dunwich, Massachusetts. The river flows east past the town of Dunwich and continues in that direction for many miles before turning to the southeast a few miles south of Bolton. Next, the Miskatonic runs through the town of Arkham and empties into the sea two miles to the south, just northeast of Kingsport.

The Miskatonic's name may have originated from a Native American tribe known as the Misqat, an offshoot of the Massachusetts Indians who lived within this valley.[2]

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