Nameless Cults
Core Set
Season of the Witch
'til Death Do Us Part
Type Subtype
Exploration Tome
Card Text
Action: Test Intellect +1.
Pass: Take 1 horror, discard this card, and gain a "Blood Pact" Spell card.
Fail: Nothing happens.

Nameless Cults is an Exploration Card that appears in the Mansions of Madness First Edition Core Set, Season of the Witch, and 'til Death Do Us Part.


Nameless Cults first appeared in the story The Children of the Night (Robert E. Howard, 1931).

Nameless Cults is a volume by Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt (1795–1840), an occultist and explorer of some note.

Within his book, von Junzt discusses his findings regarding worship patterns across the world. Part of this volume deals with commonly known secret societies, such as the Thuggee and the African leopard societies. The main part of the work, which is prefaced by a lengthy essay entitled "Narrative of the Elder World", deals with the worship of Cthulhu and his ilk, including the Tcho-tcho cults of Leng, the people of the Black Stone, the Hyborian Age, and the worldwide sects of Ghatanothoa. At certain points, von Junzt's rational presentation of these cults breaks down into disjointed ramblings. His assertion that alicorns (unicorn horns) were real and his claim to have visited Hell are often cited as evidence of his instability. Nonetheless, much of his work is insightful and should not be dismissed.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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