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Necronomicon Draft Pack
Necronomicon Draft Pack (cover) coctcg
Draft Play for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) DCT02
ISBN(s) 9781633441071
Release date(s) November 10, 2014
MSRP $14.95
Rating N/A
Necronomicon Draft Pack on Fantasy Flight Games

Necronomicon Draft Pack is a draft play expansion to Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. Each pack is composed of fifty randomized cards drawn from a pool of two hundred forty cards reprinted from the CT12 through CT63 sets, equally allotted for twenty six cards per faction and thirty two for neutral. In order to use this set in draft play, each player must bring a copy of the Necronomicon Draft Starter and Draft Pack.



Note: The numbering below is informal and used for wiki tracking only. Images used are from original releases and lack the NDP icon. Rarities are undetermined.

Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
Abbess Allegria Di Biase TiV-1 1Abbess Allegria Di BiaseThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of TiV-1
Agency Bodyguard D-101 2Agency BodyguardThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of D-101
3Blackwood File ClerkThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of CS-10
4Canine GuardianThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of FL-61
Church Operative TiV-3 5Church OperativeThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of TiV-3
6Educated OfficerThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of TRotO-21
7Jacques ArtoisThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of AR-69
8Marshall GreeneThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of SotD-21
Mr. Grey FL-41 9Mr. GreyThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of FL-41
Norman Blackwood, Jr. SoA-4 10Norman Blackwood, Jr.The AgencyCharacterFReprint of SoA-4
11Norman Blackwood, Sr.The AgencyCharacterFReprint of TKatG-42
Paul Lemond CS-4 12Paul LemondThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of CS-4
13Professor Hermann MulderThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of CS-5
14Sam ArcherThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of TYC-61
Sister Sofia TOotST-1 15Sister SofiaThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of TOotST-1
16The CaptainThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of D-21
17T-MenThe AgencyCharacterFReprint of CS-12
18Black MariaThe AgencySupportFReprint of R-42
Dynamite SotD-42 19DynamiteThe AgencySupportFReprint of SotD-42
Lightning Gun SoA-3 20Lightning GunThe AgencySupportFReprint of SoA-3
21The White ShipThe AgencySupportFReprint of D-102
22Unforeseen SetbackThe AgencySupportFReprint of AR-110
23BloodbathThe AgencyEventFReprint of TYC-102
24Short FuseThe AgencyEventFReprint of CS-17
Small Price to Pay CS-19 25Small Price to PayThe AgencyEventFReprint of CS-19
26The Blackwood ConspiracyThe AgencyConspiracyFReprint of FL-42
Backwater Deep One TYC-3 27Backwater Deep OneCthulhuCharacterFReprint of TYC-3
Brood of Yig TYC-4 28Brood of YigCthulhuCharacterFReprint of TYC-4
29Cerenarian Deep OneCthulhuCharacterFReprint of D-67
Deep One Rising SoA-29 30Deep One RisingCthulhuCharacterFReprint of SoA-29
Degenerate Serpent Cultist TYC-63 31Degenerate Serpent CultistCthulhuCharacterFReprint of TYC-63
32Disguised Serpent ManCthulhuCharacterFReprint of TRotO-24
33Dr. Wentworth MooreCthulhuCharacterFReprint of R-43
Feathered Serpent TYC-25 34Feathered SerpentCthulhuCharacterFReprint of TYC-25
Initiate of Dagon TSB-1 35Initiate of DagonCthulhuCharacterFReprint of TSB-1
Innsmouth Troublemaker CS-47 36Innsmouth TroublemakerCthulhuCharacterFReprint of CS-47
Julia Brown SotD-107 37Julia BrownCthulhuCharacterFReprint of SotD-107
Keeper of the Golden Path CS-43 38Keeper of the Golden PathCthulhuCharacterFReprint of CS-43
Naaginn R-105 39NaaginnCthulhuCharacterFReprint of R-105
40Padma AmritaCthulhuCharacterFReprint of R-83
41PolemanCthulhuCharacterFReprint of TiV-8
Yig TYC-85 42YigCthulhuCharacterFReprint of TYC-85
43Cthäat AquadingenCthulhuSupportFReprint of R-44
44San Giorgio in AlgaCthulhuSupportFReprint of TiV-9
45Scylla's WellCthulhuSupportFReprint of AR-94
Shrine to Yig TYC-23 46Shrine to YigCthulhuSupportFReprint of TYC-23
47UrumiCthulhuSupportFReprint of R-84
Deep One Assault CS-56 48Deep One AssaultCthulhuEventFReprint of CS-56
49Disguised ThreatCthulhuEventFReprint of TYC-104
50Midnight RendezvousCthulhuEventFReprint of D-48
51Sibilant CryCthulhuEventFReprint of R-4
52The R'lyeh ConspiracyCthulhuConspiracyFReprint of FL-48
53Bearer of the Yellow SignHasturCharacterFReprint of CS-90
Bringer of Fire FL-114 54Bringer of FireHasturCharacterFReprint of FL-114
Crazed Arsonist TYC-5 55Crazed ArsonistHasturCharacterFReprint of TYC-5
Dangerous Inmate TYC-86 56Dangerous InmateHasturCharacterFReprint of TYC-86
57Demented PhrenologistHasturCharacterFReprint of TRotO-7
58Deranged SailorHasturCharacterFReprint of AR-75
59Doctor LombosoHasturCharacterFReprint of TiV-13
Elise Warren R-5 60Elise WarrenHasturCharacterFReprint of R-5
61N'yog-SothepHasturCharacterFReprint of SoK-47
62Obscene ByakheeHasturCharacterFReprint of FL-9
63Old Man of the WoodsHasturCharacterFReprint of TOotST-12
Painter of Delusion AR-113 64Painter of DelusionHasturCharacterFReprint of AR-113
Performance Artist CS-87 65Performance ArtistHasturCharacterFReprint of CS-87
Sieur Piriou Louis TKatG-46 66Sieur Piriou LouisHasturCharacterFReprint of TKatG-46
Victoria Glasser CS-82 67Victoria GlasserHasturCharacterFReprint of CS-82
68Victoria's ProtegeHasturCharacterFReprint of D-69
69Wandering InmateHasturCharacterFReprint of SotD-31
Carcosa SoA-38 70CarcosaHasturSupportFReprint of SoA-38
Infernal Obsession SotD-51 71Infernal ObsessionHasturSupportFReprint of SotD-51
The Cavern of Flame D-49 72The Cavern of FlameHasturSupportFReprint of D-49
73The Tattered CloakHasturSupportFReprint of TKatG-47
74ApeirophobiaHasturEventFReprint of AR-76
Byakhee Attack CS-95 75Byakhee AttackHasturEventFReprint of CS-95
76Named by the UnnameableHasturEventFReprint of R-87
77Whisper in the WindHasturEventFReprint of R-6
78In the Court of the DragonHasturConspiracyFReprint of R-107
Alternative Historian SoK-15 79Alternative HistorianMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-15
Andrew Chapman TKatG-48 80Andrew ChapmanMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of TKatG-48
Archaeology Interns AR-97 81Archaeology InternsMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of AR-97
82Arctic EthnologistMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-13
Brette Wulffsen SoK-5 83Brette WulffsenMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-5
84College ProspectMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-19
85Cub ReporterMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-14
Jamie Winthrop TRotO-88 86Jamie WinthropMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of TRotO-88
Matthew Alexander SoK-7 87Matthew AlexanderMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-7
Randolph Carter D-63 88Randolph CarterMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of D-63
89Richard PikeMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-3
Roald Ellsworth SoK-4 90Roald EllsworthMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-4
91Urban TrailblazerMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of TiV-20
92Whitton GreeneMiskatonic UniversityCharacterFReprint of SoK-2
Atwood Science Hall CS-35 93Atwood Science HallMiskatonic UniversitySupportFReprint of CS-35
Forbidden Knowledge TRotO-108 94Forbidden KnowledgeMiskatonic UniversitySupportFReprint of TRotO-108
95Medico Della PesteMiskatonic UniversitySupportFReprint of TiV-22
96Rabbit's FootMiskatonic UniversitySupportFReprint of SotD-4
Station Eismitte SoK-22 97Station EismitteMiskatonic UniversitySupportFReprint of SoK-22
The Necronomicon SoA-9 98The NecronomiconMiskatonic UniversitySupportFReprint of SoA-9
99Ultima ThuleMiskatonic UniversitySupportFReprint of SoK-26
100Desperate SearchMiskatonic UniversityEventFReprint of TiV-23
101Dr. Carson's TreatmentMiskatonic UniversityEventFReprint of CS-39
102Expert TestimonyMiskatonic UniversityEventFReprint of SoK-36
103Plan "B"Miskatonic UniversityEventFReprint of SoK-35
Combing the Archives R-70 104Combing the ArchivesMiskatonic UniversityConspiracyFReprint of R-70
Ageless Mi-Go SoA-23 105Ageless Mi-GoShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of SoA-23
Ancient Guardian CS-126 106Ancient GuardianShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of CS-126
107Baleful RevelerShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of TiV-36
108Ferocious Dark YoungShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of TYC-13
Harvesting Mi-Go TRotO-11 109Harvesting Mi-GoShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of TRotO-11
Hungry Dark Young CS-131 110Hungry Dark YoungShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of CS-131
111Lucas CornShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of R-10
Mi-Go Caretaker TYC-33 112Mi-Go CaretakerShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of TYC-33
Mi-Go Commander SoA-20 113Mi-Go CommanderShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of SoA-20
Mi-Go Surgeon SoA-19 114Mi-Go SurgeonShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of SoA-19
115Predator of the NightShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of TRotO-31
Priestess of Bubastis CS-123 116Priestess of BubastisShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of CS-123
Rampaging Dark Young SoA-21 117Rampaging Dark YoungShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of SoA-21
118Savio CorviShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of TiV-34
Shub-Niggurath CS-121 119Shub-NiggurathShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of CS-121
120Watcher of the WoodsShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of CS-128
121Ya-te-veoShub-NiggurathCharacterFReprint of R-91
Book of Iod R-52 122Book of IodShub-NiggurathSupportFReprint of R-52
123Dhole TunnelShub-NiggurathSupportFReprint of D-14
124Ghoul TaintShub-NiggurathSupportFReprint of CS-134
Mi-Go Skull AR-100 125Mi-Go SkullShub-NiggurathSupportFReprint of AR-100
Burrowing Beneath CS-137 126Burrowing BeneathShub-NiggurathEventFReprint of CS-137
Dark Rebirth TiV-37 127Dark RebirthShub-NiggurathEventFReprint of TiV-37
Forms of the Ether AR-39 128Forms of the EtherShub-NiggurathEventFReprint of AR-39
Shocking Transformation CS-140 129Shocking TransformationShub-NiggurathEventFReprint of CS-140
Into The Woods R-71 130Into The WoodsShub-NiggurathConspiracyFReprint of R-71
B. Ramsdale Brown TKatG-52 131B. Ramsdale BrownThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TKatG-52
Carl Stanford SoK-51 132Carl StanfordThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of SoK-51
Clifton Rosenberg TOotST-16 133Clifton RosenbergThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TOotST-16
134Crooked TreasurerThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TRotO-112
135Erasmus ManorThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of AR-62
136Guardian of DawnThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TiV-40
High Wizard of the Order TOotST-24 137High Wizard of the OrderThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TOotST-24
Initiate of Huang Hun AR-40 138Initiate of Huang HunThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of AR-40
Josef Meiger DotU-52 139Josef MeigerThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of DotU-52
140Lodge BarkeepThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TOotST-30
141Lodge LibrarianThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TOotST-25
Lord Jeffrey Farrington TOotST-18 142Lord Jeffrey FarringtonThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TOotST-18
143Magnus StilesThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of AR-122
Nathan Wick R-13 144Nathan WickThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of R-13
145Nigel St. JamesThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of AR-23
146Sarah Van ShawThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of R-31
147Unscrupulous AcquisitionistThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterFReprint of TRotO-95
148Crescent BladeThe Order of the Silver TwilightSupportFReprint of TOotST-38
149Elder BindingThe Order of the Silver TwilightSupportFReprint of TRotO-75
150Ritual of ExclusionThe Order of the Silver TwilightSupportFReprint of R-93
151Ritual of InfernoThe Order of the Silver TwilightSupportFReprint of TRotO-113
152Satchel of the VoidThe Order of the Silver TwilightSupportFReprint of TRotO-55
153Brazier EnchantmentThe Order of the Silver TwilightEventFReprint of TOotST-55
154Secret HandshakeThe Order of the Silver TwilightEventFReprint of TOotST-47
155Unbound!The Order of the Silver TwilightEventFReprint of TOotST-49
156From the First Degree to the LastThe Order of the Silver TwilightConspiracyFReprint of R-115
157Bag ManThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of CS-64
158Carnevale SentinelThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of TiV-47
159Clover Club BouncerThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of CS-65
160Clover Club Pit BossThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of DotU-12
Clover Club Torch Singer CS-66 161Clover Club Torch SingerThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of CS-66
162Crooked AttorneyThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of DotU-17
163Danny O'Bannion's CronyThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of FL-5
Gregory Gry D-5 164Gregory GryThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of D-5
165Henry KnollThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of DotU-7
166Hired MysticThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of SoA-14
Johnny Valone TRotO-76 167Johnny ValoneThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of TRotO-76
Johnny V's Dame TRotO-77 168Johnny V's DameThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of TRotO-77
169Jon PechonThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of R-15
170King KuranesThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of D-65
Lena Di Boerio DotU-5 171Lena Di BoerioThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of DotU-5
Mr. David Pan AR-43 172Mr. David PanThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of AR-43
O'Bannion's Inner Council DotU-3 173O'Bannion's Inner CouncilThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of DotU-3
174Restless CaporioneThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of TiV-46
175Richard Upton PickmanThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of CS-63
176TriggermanThe SyndicateCharacterFReprint of CS-67
177Bound and GaggedThe SyndicateSupportFReprint of TYC-57
178La Bella LunaThe SyndicateSupportFReprint of DotU-28
O'Bannion's Ledger R-35 179O'Bannion's LedgerThe SyndicateSupportFReprint of R-35
180The Gold Pocket WatchThe SyndicateSupportFReprint of TiV-49
Immurement DotU-30 181ImmurementThe SyndicateEventFReprint of DotU-30
The Night Job R-118 182The Night JobThe SyndicateConspiracyFReprint of R-118
183Arcane InitiateYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of CS-108
184Blood MagicianYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of FL-51
185Cultist of the KeyYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of TYC-80
186Decrepit WizardYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of TKatG-13
187Disciple of the GateYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of CS-111
Gatekeeper SoA-33 188GatekeeperYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of SoA-33
189Hand of AforgomonYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of TKatG-14
190Key-seekerYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of AR-47
191Nadine EskiyYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of TKatG-3
192Salvatore NeriYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of TiV-52
193Sebastion BlakeYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of DotU-54
Shadow Sorceress SotD-71 194Shadow SorceressYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of SotD-71
195Son of YebYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of CS-103
196The BetrayerYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of AR-127
197Wilbur WhateleyYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of TKatG-5
Wizard of Yog-Sothoth SoA-36 198Wizard of Yog-SothothYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of SoA-36
Yog-Sothoth CS-101 199Yog-SothothYog-SothothCharacterFReprint of CS-101
200Book of EibonYog-SothothSupportFReprint of SotD-34
201Eltdown ShardsYog-SothothSupportFReprint of R-38
A Gate Opens TRotO-40 202A Gate OpensYog-SothothEventFReprint of TRotO-40
203All are OneYog-SothothEventFReprint of TYC-60
204Calling the WilliwawYog-SothothEventFReprint of TKatG-33
Fist of Yog-Sothoth TRotO-120 205Fist of Yog-SothothYog-SothothEventFReprint of TRotO-120
Pushed into the Beyond R-120 206Pushed into the BeyondYog-SothothEventFReprint of R-120
Ritual of Bellephar AR-108 207Ritual of BellepharYog-SothothEventFReprint of AR-108
The Ritual Conspiracy FL-52 208The Ritual ConspiracyYog-SothothConspiracyFReprint of FL-52
Alaskan Sledge Dog FL-96 209Alaskan Sledge DogNeutralCharacterFReprint of FL-96
210Aliki Zoni UperetriaNeutralCharacterFReprint of SoK-39
Amaranth SoK-40 211AmaranthNeutralCharacterFReprint of SoK-40
Dabbler in the Unknown CS-152 212Dabbler in the UnknownNeutralCharacterFReprint of CS-152
Dreamlands Wanderer D-18 213Dreamlands WandererNeutralCharacterFReprint of D-18
214Er'nrawrNeutralCharacterFReprint of SoK-41
215Obsessive InmateNeutralCharacterFReprint of SotD-97
Overzealous Initiate CS-145 216Overzealous InitiateNeutralCharacterFReprint of CS-145
Seeker of Mysteries SoA-47 217Seeker of MysteriesNeutralCharacterFReprint of SoA-47
The Claret Knight SoK-38 218The Claret KnightNeutralCharacterFReprint of SoK-38
219The Red-Gloved ManNeutralCharacterFReprint of TYC-11
The Sanguine Watcher AR-124 220The Sanguine WatcherNeutralCharacterFReprint of AR-124
221Tzu San NiangNeutralCharacterFReprint of AR-42
Arkham Asylum CS-146 222Arkham AsylumNeutralSupportFReprint of CS-146
Guardian Pillar D-78 223Guardian PillarNeutralSupportFReprint of D-78
Parallel Universe SotD-98 224Parallel UniverseNeutralSupportFReprint of SotD-98
225Pocket TelescopeNeutralSupportFReprint of FL-78
Terrors in the Dark SoA-49 226Terrors in the DarkNeutralSupportFReprint of SoA-49
The Enchanted Wood D-37 227The Enchanted WoodNeutralSupportFReprint of D-37
228The Rays of DawnNeutralSupportFReprint of D-19
229The Setting SunNeutralSupportFReprint of D-20
The Supernal Prism TiV-31 230The Supernal PrismNeutralSupportFReprint of TiV-31
231Unknown KadathNeutralSupportFReprint of D-120
232OutmaneuveredNeutralEventFReprint of DotU-41
233Polar FogNeutralEventFReprint of FL-98
Political Demonstration CS-144 234Political DemonstrationNeutralEventFReprint of CS-144
235The Dark Side of the MoonNeutralEventFReprint of D-119
236The Light Side of the MoonNeutralEventFReprint of D-118
237Before the FastNeutralConspiracyFReprint of TiV-28
238Death Comes for AllNeutralConspiracyFReprint of TiV-25
239Mass HysteriaNeutralConspiracyFReprint of TiV-24
Unending Festivities TiV-29 240Unending FestivitiesNeutralConspiracyFReprint of TiV-29

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