Omens of the Pharaoh
Elder Sign Doom Track
13 10
ES-Icon Doom-Dark PharaohES-Icon Doom-DoomES-Icon Doom-Dark PharaohES-Icon Doom-Doom
ES-Icon Doom-Dark PharaohES-Icon Doom-DoomES-Icon Doom-Dark PharaohES-Icon Doom-Doom
ES-Icon Doom-Dark PharaohES-Icon Doom-Doom
Special Ability
The Dark Pharaoh: When an investigator moves to a special adventure, he or she loses 1 sanity and 1 stamina.
Clues and spells cannot be used on Dark Pharaoh special adventures.
Add 1 doom token to the doom track when an investigator fails a Dark Pharaoh special adventure.

Battle Task
9 Investigation Task
When Nephren-Ka attacks, each investigator loses 2 sanity or 2 stamina. For each relic, unique item, or spell an investigator discards, he or she may reduce his or her own loss by 1 sanity or 1 stamina.
AHTCG-Icon UniqueTSB-54: Nephren-Ka [F]
The Black Pharaoh
Nephren-Ka TSB-54
Spreader of "Starry Wisdom," Nephren-Ka was responsible for any number of atrocities and horrors in the name of his God.
Type Subtype
Character Sorcerer
Faction Cost Skill
Yog-Sothoth 3 2
CoCTCG-Icon Terror 2 CoCTCG-Icon Combat 2 CoCTCG-Icon Arcane 2 CoCTCG-Icon Investigation 2
1 1 1 0
Card Text
Response: After a player draws 1 or more cards through a card effect, search your deck for a Sorcerer character, reveal it, and put it into your hand.

Nephren-Ka is an Ancient One that appears in the Elder Sign Omens of the Pharaoh, and a Character Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game The Sleeper Below.


TYC-54 uses an illustration[?] by Dimitri Bielak.


Nephren-Ka first appeared in the story The Outsider (Clark Ashton Smith, 1921).

Mythical ruler of ancient Egypt. The earliest such figure, mentioned in the Necronomicon, was a lord of Acheron buried in a shroud containing the secrets of Nyarlathotep. Little more is known about him, however. Most scholars are in firmer agreement that Nephren-Ka was the last pharaoh of the Third Dynasty. Legend has it that Nephren-Ka was a mighty sorcerer, the greatest of Egypt's priest-kings. He made a deal with Nyarlathotep in the lost city of Irem, and upon his return revived the worship of that god in that land (indeed, some even considered him to be Nyarlathotep's avatar) and ruled the land as pharaoh. During his reign the priesthoods of Bast, Anubis, and Sebek flourished. The Black Pharaoh is also credited with the discovery of the Shining Trapezohedron. There was great discontent within the populace due to these changes, and soon thereafter the people of Egypt were in revolt. In the end, Sneferu, the founder of the Fourth Dynasty who had received aid from the goddess Isis, prevailed over the Dark Pharaoh. Nephren-Ka made his way toward the coast, in order to escape to a "western island." Enemy forces cut him off, however, somewhere near the site of modern-day Cairo. The evil pharaoh and his priests vanished, having buried themselves in an underground vault whose location has remained a secret to this day. Baffled, Sneferu declared the Black Pharaoh dead and had Nephren-Ka's name stricken from all records and monuments. In the depths of his hidden funeral vault, Nephren-Ka sacrificed one hundred victims to Nyarlathotep. In exchange for this gift, the Mighty Messenger bestowed the gift of prophecy upon his servant. Nephren-Ka spent the last days of his life drawing the future of the world on the walls of his tomb.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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