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Library is a location in Arkham Horror Second Edition located in Arkham's Miskatonic University neighborhood.

The Orne Library is a location card in Arkham Horror: The Card Game.


The Orne Library is part of the Miskatonic University campus.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game[]

Three floors of weathered grey granite, the library looks more like a reliquary than a place of learning. Stone gargoyles snarl down from above arched windows, and Latin script winds around the double doors at the top of a wide set of stone steps.

The Orne Library is a labyrinth of dusty bookshelves and poorly lit halls.[1]

Daisy Walker (short story)[]

Abigail Foreman is an intern at the Orne Library, while one of the older librarians is called Carol.

The restricted section of the Orne Library includes rare and occult tomes, like the Necronomicon (translated in English by John Dee), De Vermis Mysteriis, and Cultes des Goules. A special permission is needed to consult these tomes.

Daisy Walker is the current steward of the restricted section of the Orne Library, being nominated after the retirement of Dr. Henry Armitage.[2]

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