AHTCG-Icon UniqueFC-86: Plateau of Leng [R]
Where No One Lives
Type Subtype
Support Location
Lost City
Faction Cost
Hastur 1
Card Text
Forced Response: after Plateau of Leng enters play, return all other Lost City cards in play to their owners' hands.
Action: exhaust to choose a character committed to a story. At the end of the phase, that character loses all of its printed CoCTCG-Icon Terror icons and goes insane, if able.

Plateau of Leng is a Support Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Forgotten Cities.


FC-86 uses an illustration[?] by Patrick McEvoy.


The Plateau of Leng first appeared in the story The Hound (H.P. Lovecraft, 1922).

The Plateau of Leng is an area near Kadath in the Cold Waste. Scholars usually place the Plateau in central Asia, and one even names China's Xinjiang Province as its location. Reports from the Pabodie Expedition of 1930–31 place Leng somewhere in the frozen wastes of Antarctica. Others hold that it is in Burma, and experienced dreamers say it lies in the northern part of earth's Dreamlands. Alhazred mentions it as a place where various alternate realities come together, which may explain these discrepancies.

No matter where it is, the casual visitor should avoid the Plateau, since its semihuman inhabitants — the Tcho-tchos, or possibly a race with hoofed feet and horns — do not take kindly to being visited. Many belong to a cult, the symbol of which is the amulet of a winged hound, that practices cannibalism. At one time, these beings built the great city of Sarkomand to the south of the Plateau and fought against the great purple Leng Spiders which lived in Leng's vales. Today they are content to live in their small stone villages, carrying out their religious duties and serving their moon-beast masters. Even more remarkable beings might be encountered on Leng, wearing robes that conceal their shapes.

A lighthouse on the Plateau sends forth a beacon across many miles which fills all who see it with dread. Nearby a ring of monoliths surrounds a great stone monastery. Within the labyrinthine corridors of this monastery are murals depicting the history of the Plateau's people. The only living thing to dwell in this place is its Tcho-tcho Priest, whose face, according to the experienced dreamer Randolph Carter, is not good to look upon.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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