Rita Young
The Athlete
Core Set
Health Sanity
9 5
MoM2-Icon Strength MoM2-Icon Agility MoM2-Icon Observation
5 4 3
MoM2-Icon Lore MoM2-Icon Influence MoM2-Icon Will
3 2 4
Special Ability
You may move 1 additional space as part of a move action.
Rita Young
The Athlete
Unseen Forces
Sanity Stamina
4 6
Special Ability
Resilience: When completing a task, Rita ignores any sanity or stamina requirements.
Starting Items
ES-Icon Reward Common ItemES-Icon Reward Unique Item
AHTCG-Icon UniqueTCU-5: Rita Young
The Athlete
"You got a bone to pick? Fine by me. I don't need your permission to leave you in the dust."
Type Subtype
Investigator Miskatonic
Faction AHTCG-Icon Health AHTCG-Icon Sanity
Survivor 9 5
AHTCG-Icon Willpower 2 AHTCG-Icon Intellect 2 AHTCG-Icon Combat 2 AHTCG-Icon Agility 2
3 2 3 5
AHTCG-Icon Reaction After you evade an enemy: Either deal 1 damage to that enemy, or move to a connecting location. (Limit once per round.)
AHTCG-Icon Elder Sign effect
+2. Until the end of the round, ignore the limit on the above AHTCG-Icon Reaction ability.
Size: 30
Options: Survivor cards (AHTCG-Icon Survivor) level 0–5, Neutral cards level 0–5, Trick card level 0–3.
Requirements: "I'm done runnin'!", Hoods, 1 random basic weakness.

Rita Young is an Investigator that appears in the Arkham Horror Second Edition Dunwich Horror, Mansions of Madness Second Edition Core Set, Elder Sign Unseen Forces, and Arkham Horror: The Card Game The Circle Undone.


The Story So FarEdit

Growing up in the South, Rita has often had to fight discrimination in one form or another. Although her family was poor, she worked hard and received a scholarship to Miskatonic University, where she joined the track and field team. Now, she may have to fight for her life.

Someone is after her. That much she's sure of. She has no idea who it is or why they want her, but there have been several strange men hanging around her dorm. Last week, her roommate was assaulted while wearing Rita's jacket, and Rita feels certain that it was a case of mistaken identity.

Today, Rita spent several hours trying to convince the police to do something, but the Sheriff says that his hands are tied without more evidence. Still, while running away might be the best way to avoid this premonition of personal doom hanging over her, that's never been Rita's style. Whether her stalkers are members of the Klu Klux Klan or something even more sinister, she's going to face them head on, the same way she's been facing the world all her life.[1]

Rita has always been good at running. Growing up in the South, she was well acquainted with discrimination and knowing when to make herself scarce. When she came up to Arkham to attend Miskatonic University on a track and field scholarship, she found things had not changed as much as she had hoped. The creepy people chasing after her wore black robes, not white, but Rita ran all the same.

When her roommate was attacked in the night while wearing Rita's jacket, Rita decided to do something about it. She started looking into the matter and found the mysterious assailants were not part of the Klu Klux Klan, as she had assumed. Now Rita eagerly pursues any chance to investigate the unknown and hidden cults that flourish right under the noses of the authorities. She is done running.[2]

Clocks do not lie. In the past, people have said hurtful things to Rita. They have threatened her, deemed her inferior. But ever since she started running competitively, Rita has only cared about the clock. The clock says that Rita is faster then the rest. It says she is stronger and has trained harder. Now, she may have to fight for her life. Someone is after her. That much she's sure of. She has no idea who it is or why they want her, but there have been several strange men hanging around her dorm. They plan to make an example of her. But they will have to catch her, and the clock says they cannot.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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