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Rlim-Shaikorth ~ Elder Sign - Omens of Ice.png
Omens of Ice
Elder Sign Doom Track
13 10
Special Ability
Killing Cold: When an investigator moves to an adventure with a storm marker, he loses 1 stamina.
At Midnight: Add 3 storm markers to adventures.

Battle Task
Terror TaskPeril Task1 Investigation Task
When Rlim-Shaikorth awakens, place all storm markers in play on this sheet.
When Rhan-Tegoth attacks, add 1 storm marker to this sheet. Then investigators as a group lose a total amount of stamina and/or sanity equal to the number of markers on its sheet.

Rlim-Shaikorth is an Ancient One that appears in the Elder Sign Omens of Ice.



Rlim-Shaikorth first appeared in the story The Coming of the White Worm (Clark Ashton Smith, 1941).

Rlim-Shaikorth is a creature mentioned in the Book of Eibon. It is said to have appeared as an immense white worm. At one end, it had a wide mouth and two empty eye-sockets from which blood constantly dripped. Rlim Shaikorth was practically omniscient and mighty in the ways of magic.

Rlim Shaikorth came to Earth from beyond the solar system when Hyperborea was still a mighty world power. In its ice-citadel of Yikilth, the White Worm traveled south from the Pole, blasting all of the lands it sailed past with a great cold that killed all that it touched instantly. Only a few survivors, the Ylidheem, remained; these were great wizards whom Rlim Shaikorth had transformed so that they might live comfortably in the cold to worship it. According to Eibon, the cold from Yikilth destroyed many of Hyperborea's finest cities, and the end of the world seemed certain. One day, though, the unnatural cold ended as Yikilth melted away. What happened to Rlim Shaikorth still remains a mystery, though Eibon's book provides one possible answer.[1]

Notes and references[]

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