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Seekers of Knowledge
Deluxe Expansion for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) CT59
ISBN(s) 9781616615079
Release date(s) 2012
MSRP $29.95
Rating BGG: 7.7/10
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Seekers of Knowledge is a deluxe expansion to Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. It is primarily composed of thirty-seven cards from the Miskatonic University faction, but also includes two cards for each other faction, and four Neutral cards.


Seekers of Knowledge, the third deluxe expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, populates the hallowed halls of Miskatonic University with nineteen different characters committed to the merits of higher education, the application of science, and a little dabbling in stranger and darker knowledge.

The host of new Miskatonic characters provides the faction dynamic new life in Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. Many of the characters work well together, gaining greater efficiency the more of their allies enter play. Other cards provide Miskatonic University players reasons to focus solely upon the heroic investigators, rather than pairing them up with another faction and compromising their ideals. Altogether, Seekers of Knowledge looks to sound the bell upon a brand new school year full of optimism.

Finally, Seekers of Knowledge is more than another deluxe expansion; it's the first in a new release model for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. The game will shift away from monthly Asylum Packs to the release of a deluxe expansion (each with 165 cards, three copies each of fifty-five individual cards) once every four months.


Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
Board of Trustees SoK-1 1Board of TrusteesMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
2Whitton GreeneMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
3Richard PikeMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Roald Ellsworth SoK-4 4Roald EllsworthMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Brette Wulffsen SoK-5 5Brette WulffsenMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
6Doctor BancroftMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Matthew Alexander SoK-7 7Matthew AlexanderMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
8James "Cookie" FredericksMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Lucas Tetlow SoK-9 9Lucas TetlowMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
10Maurice DiggsMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
11EschatologistMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
12Catacombs DocentMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
13Arctic EthnologistMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
14Cub ReporterMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Alternative Historian SoK-15 15Alternative HistorianMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
16Ghost HunterMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
Overworked Graduate Student SoK-17 17Overworked Graduate StudentMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
18Campus Security GuardMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
19College ProspectMiskatonic UniversityCharacterF
20Sports ScholarshipMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
Protected by the Elder Sign SoK-21 21Protected by the Elder SignMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
Station Eismitte SoK-22 22Station EismitteMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
23Cylinders of KadatheronMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
24MuMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
Atlantis SoK-25 25AtlantisMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
26Ultima ThuleMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
27IpiutakMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
28Apocalyptic VisionsMiskatonic UniversitySupportF
A Vörös Hal'l Jön SoK-29 29A Vörös Hal'l JönMiskatonic UniversityEventF
30Reading the Star SignsMiskatonic UniversityEventF
31Daring BujuMiskatonic UniversityEventF
32Por V 1:20Miskatonic UniversityEventF
33Zero VisibilityMiskatonic UniversityEventF
34Protecting the AnirniqMiskatonic UniversityEventF
35Plan "B"Miskatonic UniversityEventF
36Expert TestimonyMiskatonic UniversityEventF
37Fraternal TiesMiskatonic UniversityEventF
The Claret Knight SoK-38 38The Claret KnightNeutralCharacterF
39Aliki Zoni UperetriaNeutralCharacterF
Amaranth SoK-40 40AmaranthNeutralCharacterF
42Hamu IV 1:13The AgencyEventF
43The CompanyThe AgencyCharacterF
44Por XV 14:19CthulhuEventF
46Hamu XX 15:14HasturEventF
48Hanyatl's 7:13Shub-NiggurathEventF
Nug SoK-49 49NugShub-NiggurathCharacterF
50Hanyatl's 1:9The Order of the Silver TwilightEventF
Carl Stanford SoK-51 51Carl StanfordThe Order of the Silver TwilightCharacterF
52Hanyatl's 12:3The SyndicateEventF
Peter Clover SoK-53 53Peter CloverThe SyndicateCharacterF
54Lev'l 15:13Yog-SothothEventF
Umr at-Tawil SoK-55 55Umr at-TawilYog-SothothCharacterF

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