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Sefina Rousseau
The Painter
Omens of the Pharaoh
Sanity Stamina
7 3
Special Ability
Mystic Artistry: Once per day, at the start of her turn, Sefina may discard 1 common item, 1 unique item, and 1 clue to put 1 Other World card into play.
Starting Items
ClueCommon ItemSpell
UniqueTPtC-3: Sefina Rousseau
The Painter
Type Subtype
Investigator Artist
Faction Health Sanity
Rogue 5 9
Willpower Intellect Combat Agility
4 2 2 4
Forced - When you would draw your opening hand: Draw 13 cards, instead. Choose up to 5 events to place beneath this card and keep 8 cards as your opening hand. Discard the rest. (You cannot mulligan.)
Action: Choose an event beneath this card and draw it. Does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Elder Sign effect
+3. You may choose an event beneath this card and draw it.
Size: 33
Options: Rogue cards (Rogue) level 0–5, Neutral cards level 0–5, Mystic cards (Mystic) level 0–2.
Requirements: 3 copies of The Painted World, 1 copy of Stars of Hyades, 1 random basic weakness.

Sefina Rouseeau is an Investigator that appears in the Elder Sign Omens of the Pharaoh and Arkham Horror: The Card Game The Path to Carcosa.


The Story So Far[]

Even when she was young, Sefina's alluring paintings drew the eyes of many. When an art collector from Paris visited Tahiti and discovered Sefina, he offered to support her work in exchange for her services creating imitations. Her keen eye and steady hand were perfect for the task, and Sefina found the art of forgery to be more engaging and captivating than she'd imagined. Her most recent work came from an anonymous stranger with deep pockets, who'd tasked her with recreating a panorama of a strange, alien city. When she completed the final stroke, she was sent hurtling into the world of the painting. She only barely survived the ordeal, passing out from exhaustion. When she awoke in her gallery, she knew it had been real.[1]


Notes and references[]

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