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Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality...

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Delusion Cost Multi? Effect
Bonded by Evil 2 You feel an unnatural connection with the dark powers surrounding you. You must call out to them...
Once per turn, the keeper may spend 2 threat to move each monster 1 space. He may do this at the start of your turn, immediately after your Action Step, or immediately after one of your Movement Steps.
Essence of Immortality A dark power surges through your body accompanied by an ethereal voice. "Embrace the change. Live forever..."
If you are killed, the keeper places a zombie in your space.
Evil Twin The thing quickly grows out of your flesh and pulls itself free. It smiles at you with your own face.
The keeper places the Evil Twin (a named maniac) in your room. When resolving combat cards during combat against the Evil Twin, you cannot spend skill points on tests.
Horrifying Mutation You feel your flesh begin to contort, taking on new and horrifying shapes.
Take 1 horror when you draw this card.
You receive −1 Dexterity.
Memory Hole You black out for a split second, waking up on the floor. What the hell happened? Your memory slowly returns...
Draw the top card of the Trauma deck. It affects you as if you had 1 sanity and 1 health (if it is a 0 sanity card, discard it without effect). Then discard this card.
Reproductive Enzyme 1 You struggle as a living tendril of smoke slithers up your nose and disappears.
Once during his Action Step, the keeper may spend 1 threat to roll a die.
9–10: You are killed and the keeper places a crawling one in your space.
Spontaneous Combustion 1 You feel an intense burning in your chest and then, suddenly, the flames blossom all across your body.
Once during his Action Step, the keeper may spend 1 threat to roll the die.
8–10: You take 1 damage and place a fire token in your room.
Terrible Deformity X A spray of green gas hits you in the face, scalding your skin and melting your nose into an ugly lump.
When you enter an investigator's room, he must make a horror check.
Unseen Evil Although there appears to be no effect, deep within the ground, an ancient evil tosses in its sleep.
The keeper gains 3 threat. Then discard this card.
Vaporous Pores Blue smoke suddenly begins pouring out from your body and an alien screech shakes your will.
The keeper places a byakhee in your room. Then discard this card.
Vessel of Evil X You feel phantom fingers digging into your mind, forcing you to act against your will...
When you are in another investigator's space at the start of the keeper's Monster Attack step, he may make you attack the investigator as if he were a humanoid monster.
Violent Reaction Your body suddenly convulses, throwing you to the ground in a seizure.
Take 1 damage and you are stunned. Then discard this card.