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St. Mary's Hospital is a location in Arkham Horror Second Edition located in Arkham's Uptown neighborhood and a location card in Arkham Horror: The Card Game.


Arkham Horror Second Edition[]

Dr. Mortimore and Nurse Sharon work here.[1]

Arkham Horror: The Card Game[]

Arkham's only hospital, St. Mary's has a twenty-four-hour receiving room and is busy at all hours of the night. Doctor Mortimore and Nurse Sharon have been particularly stressed lately, thanks in part to recent events.

An extended stay at St. Mary's can do wonders for the body, but its effect on one's psyche is unclear.[2]

Vincent Lee (short story)[]

Vincent Lee works here as physician under the chief physician, Dr. Mortimore. Nurse Sharon also works here.[3]


St Mary's Hospital is first mentioned in The Unnamable (1923), written by H.P. Lovecraft.

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