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I think we should include Walter Gilman, as the spanish league was an official production of licensed distributors. I'd be fine with us including info on the other language stuff, as well.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ KRYTEN IS KING OF THE SHOOPUFS! 13:31, October 15, 2019 (UTC)

Ok, I'll add it. What other games deserve a column on this page? I believe EH and AHLCG don't have ally cards strictly speaking. What about MoM 1 and 2? Someone also needs to add Allies from the other ES expansions as I don't own them.
Also, how do you switch to the Talk page? Vittek (talk) 15:31, October 15, 2019 (UTC)
I don't know how to get it to show up correctly. I have article comments disabled, so I never see them or Discussions. I have to type in "Talk:" to the url each time. Try contacting wikia support.
Mansions of Madness 1E has ally type cards, but it's only five of them in the call of the wild expansion. It also has the ally subtype on certain assets. Eldritch has Allies, but they are a type of asset, and are all generic types of characters (ex. "Arcane Scholar") rather than named individuals. MoM2E is similar to Eldritch in having "Ally" only as a subtype, but also has both named NPC tokens and generic NPC tokens, which have overlap with the MoM1E allies. I'm not sure if AH TCG has any overlap of allies with the normal list.
So, I think you could have AH2E, MoM1E, ES, and possibly MoM2E if you're covering the named tokens.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ KRYTEN IS KING OF THE SHOOPUFS! 17:29, October 15, 2019 (UTC)
For the LCG, it's pretty much all over the place:
Anna Kaslow: Ally Asset
Calvin Wright: Investigator
Duke: Ashcan Pete signature Ally Asset
Earl Sawyer: Story Ally Asset
Professor Armitage: Story Ally Asset
Professor Morgan: Story Ally Asset
Professor Rice: Story Ally Asset
Zebulon Whateley: Story Ally Asset
I believe there's also a lot of CoC cards that have been turned into Ally Assets or appear in other capacities (enemies, story cards, or straight-up characters with no game mechanics attached).
Yeah, that's what I figured. I wouldn't include them here, it's a different type of mechanic.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ KRYTEN IS KING OF THE SHOOPUFS! 12:37, October 16, 2019 (UTC)