AHTCG-Icon UniqueDotU-20: The Clover Club [F]
Den of Iniquity
They came to see and be seen, and some were never seen again.
Type Subtype
Support Location
Faction Cost
The Syndicate 2
Card Text
Response: At the beginning of your operations phase, exhaust The Clover Club to give each of your opponent's characters −1 skill until the end of the turn.

The Clover Club is a Support Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Denizens of the Underworld, and a Location Card that appears in the Arkham Horror: The Card Game The Dunwich Legacy.


The Clover Club is a speakeasy that uses an Italian restaurant called La Bella Luna as its cover. Peter Clover is the owner of this establishment. The club is situated in the Downtown of Arkham, near the Theater.[1](?)


DotU-20 uses an illustration[?] by Dimitri Bielak.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Arkham Horror: The Card Game, The Dunwich Legacy campaign guide. "Finding the club’s exact location isn’t easy—you have to grease a few palms just to learn which of the Downtown restaurants operates as the club’s front. That restaurant is La Bella Luna, a somewhat upscale Italian eatery by the theatre."
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