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Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality...

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Image Number Title Faction Type Set Notes
1 Tommy Muldoon Guardian Investigator ahtcg-TDE
2 Mandy Thompson Seeker Investigator ahtcg-TDE
3 Tony Morgan Rogue Investigator ahtcg-TDE
4 Luke Robinson Mystic Investigator ahtcg-TDE
5 Patrice Hathaway Survivor Investigator ahtcg-TDE
6 Becky Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDE
7 Rookie Mistake Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TDE
8 Occult Evidence Neutral Event ahtcg-TDE
9 Shocking Discovery Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TDE
10 Bounty Contracts Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDE
11 Tony's .38 Long Colt Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDE
12 Tony's Quarry Weakness Enemy ahtcg-TDE
13 Gate Box Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDE
14 Detached from Reality Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TDE
15 Dream-Gate Neutral Location ahtcg-TDE
16 Patrice's Violin Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDE
17 Watcher from Another Dimension Weakness Enemy ahtcg-TDE
18 The Hungering Blade Guardian Asset ahtcg-TDE
19 Bloodlust Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TDE
20 Solemn Vow Guardian Asset ahtcg-TDE
21 Segment of Onyx Seeker Asset ahtcg-TDE
22 Pendant of the Queen Seeker Asset ahtcg-TDE
23 Astounding Revelation Seeker Event ahtcg-TDE
24 Crystallizer of Dreams Rogue Asset ahtcg-TDE
25 Guardian of the Crystallizer Weakness Enemy ahtcg-TDE
26 Easy Mark Rogue Event ahtcg-TDE
27 Stargazing Mystic Event ahtcg-TDE
28 The Stars Are Right Mystic Event ahtcg-TDE
29 Open Gate Mystic Event ahtcg-TDE
30 Miss Doyle Survivor Asset ahtcg-TDE
31 Hope Survivor Asset ahtcg-TDE
32 Zeal Survivor Asset ahtcg-TDE
33 Augur Survivor Asset ahtcg-TDE
34 Fortuitous Discovery Survivor Event ahtcg-TDE
35 Self-Centered Basic Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TDE
36 Kleptomania Basic Weakness Asset ahtcg-TDE
37 Narcolepsy Basic Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TDE
38 Your Worst Nightmare Basic Weakness Enemy ahtcg-TDE
39 Beyond the Gates of Sleep Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
40 Journey through the Gates Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
41 Entering the Dreamlands Mythos Act ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
42 The Trial of Nasht and Kaman-Thah Mythos Act ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
43 The Final Descent Mythos Act ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
44 The Path Mythos Act ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
45 Seventy Steps Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
46 The Cavern of Flame Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
47 Seven Hundred Steps Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
48 Base of the Steps Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
49 The Enchanted Path Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
50 Enchanted Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
51 Enchanted Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
52 Enchanted Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
53 Enchanted Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
54 Enchanted Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
55 Enchanted Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
56 Enchanted Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
57 Kaman-Thah Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
58 Nasht Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
59 Randolph Carter Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
60 Laboring Gug Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
61 Ancient Zoog Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
62 Lost in the Woods Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEBtGoS
63 Waking Nightmare Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TDEWN
64 Halls of St. Mary's Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TDEWN
65 The Infestation Spreads Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TDEWN
66 Hospital of Horrors Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TDEWN
67 Looking for Answers Mythos Act ahtcg-TDEWN
68 Search for the Patient Mythos Act ahtcg-TDEWN
69 Containing the Outbreak Mythos Act ahtcg-TDEWN
70 Waiting Room Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEWN
71 Emergency Room Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEWN
72 Experimental Therapies Ward Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEWN
73 Records Office Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEWN
74 Stairwell Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEWN
75 Morgue Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEWN
76 Operating Room Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEWN
77 Private Room Mythos Location ahtcg-TDEWN
78 The Infestation Begins... Mythos Story ahtcg-TDEWN
79 Randolph Carter Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDEWN
80 Dr. Shivani Maheswaran Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDEWN
81 Suspicious Orderly Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEWN
82 Corrupted Orderly Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEWN
83 Outbreak Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEWN
84 Grey Weaver Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEAoA
85 Will of the Spider-Mother Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEAoA
86 The Crawling Mist Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEAoN
87 Law of 'Ygiroth (Chaos) Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEAoN
88 Law of 'Ygiroth (Discord) Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEAoN
89 Law of 'Ygiroth (Pandemonium) Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEAoN
90 Whispers of Hypnos Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEWoH
91 Hunting Ghast Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDECotU
92 Lumbering Gug Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDECotU
93 Dreamer's Curse Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEDC
94 Somniphobia Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEDC
95 Deeper Slumber Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEDC
96 Dreamlands Eclipse Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDED
97 Prismatic Phenomenon Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDED
98 Night Terrors Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEMR
99 Glimpse of the Underworld Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEMR
100 Threads of Reality Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEMR
101 Spider of Leng Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDES
102 Swarm of Spiders Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDES
103 Sickening Webs Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDES
104 Hunted by Corsairs Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEC
105 Corsair of Leng Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEC
106 Furtive Zoog Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEZ
107 Stealthy Zoog Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEZ
108 Inconspicuous Zoog Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDEZ
109 Zoog Burrow Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDEZ
110 First Watch Guardian Event ahtcg-TDE
111 Daring Guardian Skill ahtcg-TDE
112 Dream Diary Seeker Asset ahtcg-TDE
113 Essence of the Dream Seeker Skill ahtcg-TDE
114 Followed Rogue Event ahtcg-TDE
115 Momentum Rogue Skill ahtcg-TDE
116 Scroll of Prophecies Mystic Asset ahtcg-TDE
117 Read the Signs Mystic Event ahtcg-TDE
118 Jessica Hyde Survivor Asset ahtcg-TDE
119 The Search for Kadath Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TDETSfK
120 Journey Across the Dreamlands Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TDETSfK
121 Agents of the Outer Gods Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TDETSfK
122 Kingdom of the Skai Mythos Act ahtcg-TDETSfK
123 The Isle of Oriab Mythos Act ahtcg-TDETSfK
124 The Doom That Came Before Mythos Act ahtcg-TDETSfK
125 Seek Out the Night Mythos Act ahtcg-TDETSfK
126 The King's Decree Mythos Act ahtcg-TDETSfK
127 Ulthar Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
128 Skai River Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
129 Dylath-Leen Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
130 Kadatheron Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
131 Sarnath Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
132 Ruins of Ib Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
133 Ilek-Vad Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
134 Forbidden Lands Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
135 Zulan-Thek Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
136 Baharna Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
137 Mt. Ngranek Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
138 Nameless Ruins Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
139 Celephaïs Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
140 Serannian Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
141 Hazuth-Kleg Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
142 Temple of Unattainable Desires Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
143 City-Which-Appears-On-No-Map Mythos Location ahtcg-TDETSfK
144 Virgil Gray Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDETSfK
145 Cats of Ulthar Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDETSfK
146 Stalking Manticore Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDETSfK
147 Horde of Night Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDETSfK
148 Beings of Ib Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDETSfK
149 Priest of a Thousand Masks Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDETSfK
150 Tenebrous Nightgaunt Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDETSfK
151 Pack of Vooniths Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDETSfK
152 Nightriders Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TDETSfK
153 Song of the Magah Bird Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDETSfK
154 Wondrous Lands Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TDETSfK
155 Tetsuo Mori Guardian Asset ahtcg-TDE
156 Fool me once... Guardian Event ahtcg-TDE
157 Self-Sacrifice Guardian Skill ahtcg-TDE
158 Otherworld Codex Seeker Asset ahtcg-TDE
159 Dream-Enhancing Serum Seeker Asset ahtcg-TDE
160 Let God sort them out... Rogue Event ahtcg-TDE
161 Swift Reload Rogue Event ahtcg-TDE
162 Gregory Gry Rogue Asset ahtcg-TDE
163 Healing Words Mystic Asset ahtcg-TDE
164 Ethereal Form Mystic Event ahtcg-TDE
165 Scrounge for Supplies Survivor Event ahtcg-TDE
166 Brute Force Survivor Skill ahtcg-TDE
167 Versatile Neutral Asset ahtcg-TDE
195 .35 Winchester Guardian Asset ahtcg-TDE
196 Safeguard Guardian Asset ahtcg-TDE
197 Practice Makes Perfect Seeker Event ahtcg-TDE
198 Extensive Research Seeker Event ahtcg-TDE
199 Three Aces Rogue Skill ahtcg-TDE
200 Burglary Rogue Asset ahtcg-TDE
201 Spectral Razor Mystic Event ahtcg-TDE
202 Word of Command Mystic Event ahtcg-TDE
203 Moon Stone Survivor Asset ahtcg-TDE
204 Sharp Vision Survivor Skill ahtcg-TDE
205 Lucid Dreaming Neutral Event ahtcg-TDE
240 Daredevil Rogue Skill ahtcg-TDE
245 A Glimmer of Hope Survivor Event ahtcg-TDE
282 Summoned Hound Mystic Asset ahtcg-TDE
283 Unbound Beast Weakness Enemy ahtcg-TDE
284 Nothing Left to Lose Survivor Event ahtcg-TDE
325 The Eye of Truth Seeker Skill ahtcg-TDE
327 Sawed-Off Shotgun Rogue Asset ahtcg-TDE