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Image Number Title Faction Type Set Notes
1 Leo Anderson Guardian Investigator ahtcg-TFA
2 Ursula Downs Seeker Investigator ahtcg-TFA
3 Finn Edwards Rogue Investigator ahtcg-TFA
4 Father Mateo Mystic Investigator ahtcg-TFA
5 Calvin Wright Survivor Investigator ahtcg-TFA
6 Mitch Brown Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
7 Bought in Blood Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFA
8 Jake Williams Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
9 Call of the Unknown Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFA
10 Smuggled Goods Neutral Event ahtcg-TFA
11 Finn's Trusty .38 Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
12 Caught Red-Handed Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFA
13 The Codex of Ages Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
14 Serpents of Yig Weakness Enemy ahtcg-TFA
15 Until the End of Time Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
16 Voice of the Messenger Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFA
17 Survival Knife Guardian Asset ahtcg-TFA
18 Venturer Guardian Asset ahtcg-TFA
19 Trusted Guardian Event ahtcg-TFA
20 Reliable Guardian Event ahtcg-TFA
21 Dr. Elli Horowitz Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
22 Ancient Stone Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
23 Tooth of Eztli Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
24 Unearth the Ancients Seeker Event ahtcg-TFA
25 Treasure Hunter Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
26 Decorated Skull Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
27 Eavesdrop Rogue Event ahtcg-TFA
28 You handle this one! Rogue Event ahtcg-TFA
29 Mists of R'lyeh Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
30 The Chthonian Stone Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
31 Protective Incantation Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
32 Dark Prophecy Mystic Event ahtcg-TFA
33 Improvised Weapon Survivor Event ahtcg-TFA
34 Dumb Luck Survivor Event ahtcg-TFA
35 Yaotl Survivor Asset ahtcg-TFA
36 Last Chance Survivor Skill ahtcg-TFA
37 Backpack Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
38 Dark Pact Basic Weakness Event ahtcg-TFA
39 The Price of Failure Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFA
40 Doomed Basic Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFA
41 Accursed Fate Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFA
42 The Bell Tolls Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFA
43 The Untamed Wilds Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFATUW
44 Expedition into the Wild Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATUW
45 Intruders Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATUW
46 Exploring the Rainforest Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATUW
47 Huntress of the Eztli Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATUW
48 Search for the Ruins Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATUW
49 The Guarded Ruins Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATUW
50 Expedition Camp Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATUW
51 Alejandro Vela Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFATUW
52 Ichtaca Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATUW
53 Ruins of Eztli Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATUW
54 The Doom of Eztli Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFATDoE
55 Something Stirs… Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoE
56 The Temple Warden Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoE
57 Into the Ruins Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATDoE
58 Magic and Science Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATDoE
59 Escape the Ruins Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATDoE
60 Entryway Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoE
61 Relic of Ages Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFATDoE
62 Harbinger of Valusia Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATDoE
63 Ancient Hall Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoE
64 Grand Chamber Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoE
65 Burial Pit Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoE
66 Underground Ruins Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoE
67 Secret Passage Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoE
68 Chamber of Time Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoE
69 Path of Thorns Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAR
70 River Canyon Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAR
71 Rope Bridge Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAR
72 Serpent's Haven Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAR
73 Circuitous Trail Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAR
74 Temple of the Fang Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAR
75 Overgrown Ruins Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAR
76 Overgrowth Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAR
77 Voice of the Jungle Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAR
78 Pit Viper Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAS
79 Boa Constrictor Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAS
80 Snake Bite Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAS
81 Lost in the Wilds Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAE
82 Low on Supplies Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAE
83 Brood of Yig Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAAoY
84 Serpent from Yoth Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAAoY
85 Curse of Yig Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAAoY
86 Eztli Guardian Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAGoT
87 Arrows from the Trees Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAGoT
88 Final Mistake Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFADT
89 Entombed Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFADT
90 A Tear in Time Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATF
91 Lost in Time Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATF
92 Ill Omen Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAFR
93 Ancestral Fear Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAFR
94 Deep Dark Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAFR
95 Brotherhood Cultist Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAPB
96 Shadowed Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAPB
97 Words of Power Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAPB
98 Fang of Yig Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAYV
99 Snakescourge Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAYV
100 Serpent's Call Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAYV
101 Creeping Poison Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAP
102 Poisoned Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFAP
103 Scene of the Crime Guardian Event ahtcg-TFA
104 Marksmanship Guardian Event ahtcg-TFA
105 Persuasion Seeker Event ahtcg-TFA
106 Shrewd Analysis Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
107 Lucky Cigarette Case Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
108 Fence Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
109 Arcane Research Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
110 Counterspell Mystic Event ahtcg-TFA
111 Perseverance Survivor Event ahtcg-TFA
112 Stunning Blow Survivor Skill ahtcg-TFA
113 Threads of Fate Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFAToF
114 Three Fates Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFAToF
115 Behind the Curtain Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFAToF
116 Hidden Entanglements Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFAToF
117 The Relic Is Missing! Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
118 Harlan Is in Danger! Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
119 At the Exhibit Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
120 At the Exhibit Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
121 Harlan's Curse Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
122 Harlan's Curse Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
123 Find the Relic Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
124 Recover the Relic Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
125 Search for Alejandro Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
126 Missing Persons Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
127 At the Station Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
128 At the Station Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
129 Friends in High Places Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
130 Friends in High Places Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
131 Alejandro's Prison Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
132 Alejandro's Plight Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
133 Black Cave Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAToF
133 Trial of the Huntress Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
134 The Guardian's Inquiry Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
135 The Cave of Darkness Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
136 The Cave of Darkness Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
137 Strange Relics Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
138 Strange Relics Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
139 Strange Occurrences Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
140 The Brotherhood Is Revealed Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAToF
141 Velma's Diner Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAToF
142 Curiositie Shoppe Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAToF
143 Town Hall Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAToF
144 The Secret Must Be Kept Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAToF
145 Nobody's Home Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAToF
146 Conspiracy of Blood Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAToF
147 Ichtaca Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFAToF
148 Expedition Journal Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFAToF
149 Second Wind Guardian Event ahtcg-TFA
150 Take the Initiative Guardian Skill ahtcg-TFA
151 Well Prepared Guardian Asset ahtcg-TFA
152 Truth from Fiction Seeker Event ahtcg-TFA
153 True Understanding Seeker Skill ahtcg-TFA
154 Quick Study Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
155 Hatchet Man Rogue Skill ahtcg-TFA
156 High Roller Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
157 Enraptured Mystic Skill ahtcg-TFA
158 Recall the Future Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
159 Try and Try Again Survivor Asset ahtcg-TFA
160 Cornered Survivor Asset ahtcg-TFA
161 The Boundary Beyond Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFATBB
162 The Boundary, Broken Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATBB
163 The Barrier Is Thin Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATBB
164 Time Collapsing Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATBB
165 Crossing the Threshold Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATBB
166 Past and Present Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATBB
167 The Return Trip Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATBB
168 Temple Ruins Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
169 Metropolitan Cathedral Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
170 Chapultepec Park Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
171 Zócalo Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
172 Xochimilco Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
173 Coyoacán Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
174 Templo Mayor Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
175 Templo Mayor Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
176 Temples of Tenochtitlán Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
177 Temples of Tenochtitlán Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
178 Chapultepec Hill Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
179 Chapultepec Hill Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
180 Canals of Tenochtitlán Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
181 Canals of Tenochtitlán Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
182 Lake Xochimilco Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
183 Lake Xochimilco Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
184 Sacred Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
185 Sacred Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATBB
186 Padma Amrita Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATBB
187 Serpent of Tenochtitlán Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATBB
188 Hand of the Brotherhood Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATBB
189 Window to Another Time Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATBB
190 Timeline Destabilization Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATBB
191 Relic of Ages Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFATBB
192 Intrepid Guardian Skill ahtcg-TFA
193 Custom Ammunition Guardian Event ahtcg-TFA
194 Otherworldly Compass Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
195 Expose Weakness Seeker Event ahtcg-TFA
196 Lola Santiago Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
197 Olive McBride Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
198 Defiance Mystic Skill ahtcg-TFA
199 Premonition Mystic Event ahtcg-TFA
200 Live and Learn Survivor Event ahtcg-TFA
201 Take Heart Survivor Skill ahtcg-TFA
202 Against All Odds Survivor Event ahtcg-TFA
203 Trench Coat Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
204 Ornate Bow Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
205 Heart of the Elders Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFAHotE
206 Mouth of K'n-yan Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAHotE
206 Mouth of K'n-yan Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAHotE
207 The Jungle's Heart Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFAPoJ
208 Setting Sun Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFAPoJ
209 Search for the Pattern Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAPoJ
210 Opening the Maw Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAPoJ
211 The Lonely Caverns Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFAK
212 Eyes in the Dark Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFAK
213 Cavern of the Forgotten Age Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAK
214 Descent into Dark Mythos Act ahtcg-TFAK
215 Pitfall Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAHotE
216 Poisonous Spores Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAHotE
217 Time-Wracked Woods Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAPoJ
218 Stone Altar Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAPoJ
219 Apex Strangleweed Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAPoJ
220 Basilisk Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFAPoJ
221 Ants! Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAPoJ
222 Vast Passages Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAK
223 Hall of Idolatry Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAK
224 Dark Hollow Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAK
225 Perilous Gulch Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAK
226 Crystal Pillars Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAK
227 Descent to Yoth Mythos Location ahtcg-TFAK
228 No Turning Back Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFAK
229 M1918 BAR Guardian Asset ahtcg-TFA
230 Ancient Stone Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
231 Ancient Stone Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
232 Slip Away Rogue Event ahtcg-TFA
233 Pay Day Rogue Event ahtcg-TFA
234 Sacrifice Mystic Event ahtcg-TFA
235 Crystalline Elder Sign Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
236 On Your Own Survivor Asset ahtcg-TFA
237 The City of Archives Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFATCoA
238 City of the Great Race Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATCoA
239 Lost Memories Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATCoA
240 Humanity Fading Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATCoA
241 Exploring Pnakotus Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATCoA
242 Restricted Access Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATCoA
243 Repossession Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATCoA
244 Body of a Yithian Neutral Investigator ahtcg-TFATCoA
245 Interview Room Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
246 Interview Room Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
247 Interview Room Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
248 Halls of Pnakotus Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
249 Halls of Pnakotus Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
250 Halls of Pnakotus Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
251 Great Library Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
252 Yithian Orrery Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
253 Laboratory of the Great Race Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
254 Deconstruction Room Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
255 Towers of Pnakotus Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATCoA
256 The Custodian Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFATCoA
257 Keeper of the Great Library Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATCoA
258 Scientist of Yith Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATCoA
259 Scholar from Yith Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATCoA
260 Yithian Presence Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATCoA
261 Cruel Interrogations Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATCoA
262 Lost Humanity Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATCoA
263 Captive Mind Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATCoA
264 Out of Body Experience Weakness Treachery ahtcg-TFATCoA
265 Handcuffs Guardian Asset ahtcg-TFA
266 Blood Eclipse Guardian Event ahtcg-TFA
267 Feed the Mind Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
268 Colt Vest Pocket Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
269 Coup de Grâce Rogue Event ahtcg-TFA
270 The Skeleton Key Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
271 Mists of R'lyeh Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
272 Winging It Survivor Event ahtcg-TFA
273 Old Hunting Rifle Survivor Asset ahtcg-TFA
274 Thermos Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
275 Hemispheric Map Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
276 Timeworn Brand Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFA
277 The Depths of Yoth Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFATDoY
278 The Descent Begins Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoY
279 Horrific Descent Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoY
280 Endless Caverns Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoY
281 City of Blood Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoY
282 Fury That Shakes the Earth Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoY
283 The Red Depths Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoY
284 VENGEANCE Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFATDoY
285 Journey to the Nexus Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATDoY
286 Steps of Yoth Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
287 City of the Serpents Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
288 Hall of Heresy Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
289 Crumbling Precipice Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
290 Caverns of Yoth Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
291 Forked Path Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
292 Bridge over N'kai Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
293 Broken Passage Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
294 Abandoned Site Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
295 Bright Canyon Mythos Location ahtcg-TFATDoY
296 Yig Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATDoY
297 Pit Warden Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATDoY
298 Eater of the Depths Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFATDoY
299 Children of Valusia Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATDoY
300 Lightless Shadow Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATDoY
301 Bathophobia Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATDoY
302 Serpent's Ire Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFATDoY
303 Relic of Ages Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFATDoY
304 Kerosene Guardian Asset ahtcg-TFA
305 Flamethrower Guardian Asset ahtcg-TFA
306 Vantage Point Seeker Event ahtcg-TFA
307 Pnakotic Manuscripts Seeker Asset ahtcg-TFA
308 Borrowed Time Rogue Asset ahtcg-TFA
309 All In Rogue Skill ahtcg-TFA
310 Shards of the Void Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
311 Seal of the Seventh Sign Mystic Asset ahtcg-TFA
312 Impromptu Barrier Survivor Event ahtcg-TFA
313 Alter Fate Survivor Event ahtcg-TFA
314 Shattered Aeons Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFASA
315 Threads of Time Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFASA
316 Pendulous Threads Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFASA
317 Snapped Threads Mythos Agenda ahtcg-TFASA
318 Worlds Beyond Mythos Act ahtcg-TFASA
319 Search for the Brotherhood Mythos Act ahtcg-TFASA
320 The Yithian Relic Mythos Act ahtcg-TFASA
321 Mend the Shatter Mythos Act ahtcg-TFASA
322 Paradise Lost Mythos Act ahtcg-TFASA
323 Timelock Mythos Act ahtcg-TFASA
324 Nexus of N'kai Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
325 Ichtaca Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFASA
326 Alejandro Vela Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFASA
327 Yuggoth Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
328 Shores of R'lyeh Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
329 City of the Unseen Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
330 A Pocket in Time Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
331 Ruins of New York Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
332 Mu Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
333 Atlantis Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
334 Pnakotus Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
335 Valusia Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
336 Plateau of Leng Mythos Location ahtcg-TFASA
337 Formless Spawn Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFASA
338 Temporal Devourer Mythos Enemy ahtcg-TFASA
339 Shattered Ages Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFASA
340 Between Worlds Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFASA
341 Wracked by Time Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFASA
342 Creeping Darkness Mythos Treachery ahtcg-TFASA
343 Relic of Ages Neutral Asset ahtcg-TFASA
344 Turn Back Time Mythos Scenario ahtcg-TFATBT
345 Into the Ruins Once Again Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATBT
346 The Chamber of Still Remains Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATBT
347 Moment of Doom Mythos Act ahtcg-TFATBT