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Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality...

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The Laboratory
The air flickers around you with blinding brilliance. When the light fades, you find yourself in a different place.
The keeper may immediately move you to any space in a room with at least 1 Portal.
The Laboratory
A strange, translucent horror steps through the wall and passes through you, as if you were nothing. You turn around quickly to catch a glimpse of the fiend, but it is gone.
Take 1 horror and 1 damage.
The Laboratory
The floor and walls glow with a sickly green light, and you feel an uncomfortable prickling of the skin.
Draw 1 Side Effect.
The Laboratory
The machine drones detestably, and you feel the air tremble and stir.
The keeper may open 1 Portal in your room.
The Laboratory
You find the housekeeper's clothes in an empty lump, as if her body was simply disintegrated leaving nothing behind but what she had been wearing.
Take 2 horror.

The Laboratory is a scenario that appears in the Mansions of Madness First Edition The Laboratory.

Portal cards[]

Portal Effect
City of the Great Race Voices whisper in your mind as an inhuman intellect scans your brain.
When this Portal is opened, the keeper moves each investigator and monster in this room and each adjacent room 1 space.
Action: Test Intellect −2.
Pass: Close this Portal. Then each investigator may move 1 space.
Fail: The keeper may move a monster 1 space.
Dreamlands The world has become your dream, and all your dreams are nightmares.
At the start of the keeper's turn, he places 1 additional damage token on the objective card.
Action: Test Luck +4.
Pass: Close this Portal. Then the keeper removes 1 damage token from the objective card.
Fail: The keeper draws 1 Mythos card.
Library of Celeano You hear the rustling of infinite pages, all promising unfathomable secrets.
Investigators cannot spend Skill tokens while in this room or in an adjacent room.
Action: Test Lore.
Pass: Close this Portal. Then gain 1 skill token.
Fail: Discard 1 skill token.
R'lyeh There is only terror.
If an investigator is in this room or an adjacent room at the beginning of his turn, he must either take 1 horror or let the keeper gain 1 threat.
Action: Take any combination of 4 horror and/or damage to close this Portal.
The Abyss Darkness leaks out from the air, permeating the area.
When this Portal is opened, the keeper places 1 darkness marker in this room and in each adjacent room.
Action: Test Willpower −2.
Pass: Close this Portal. Then remove all darkness markers from this room and each adjacent room.
Fail: The keeper places 1 darkness marker in any room.
The Underworld The stench of the dead permeates the walls; their wailing cries pierce your mind.
When this Portal is opened, each investigator in this room must take either 1 horror 1 damage.
Action: Test Strength −3.
Pass: Close this Portal. Then the keeper must discard 1 Mythos card of his choice.
Fail: The keeper draws 1 Trauma card.
Yuggoth Cold void surrounds you, and you hear the skittering of some alien creature.
Using the "From Beyond" Keeper Action card to place monsters in this room costs the keeper 1 fewer threat.
Action: Test Dexterity.
Pass: Close this Portal. Then deal 3 damage to all monsters in this room.
Fail: The keeper gains 1 threat.