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The Mark of Madness
Deluxe Expansion for
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
SKU(s) CT66
ISBN(s) 841333100155
Release date(s) 2015
MSRP $29.95
Rating BGG: 7.7/10
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The Mark of Madness is a deluxe expansion to Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. It is primarily composed of thirty-five cards from the Hastur faction, but also includes five cards from the The Order of the Silver Twilight faction, two cards for each other faction, and three Neutral cards.


"There is a whole secret cult of evil men (a man of your mystical erudition will understand me when I link them with Hastur and the Yellow Sign)…"

–H.P. Lovecraft, The Whisperer in Darkness

The Mark of Madness is the tenth and last deluxe expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, introducing 165 new cards (three copies each of 55 different cards) that explore those depths of insanity that lie near the core of the Lovecraftian mythos. Devoted primarily to the Hastur faction, The Mark of Madness introduces a great number of deranged Artists, Cultists, and Lunatics, as well as the terrible, ancient powers that spur them forward. As Hastur's secret cult expands its powers, you'll also find a maddening array of new characters, support cards, conspiracies, and events, most of which lend new strength to the game's Terror struggle and mechanics for insanity.

Additionally, as Hastur's madness reaches outward to all of the game's eight factions, each gains a powerful new character that enters play insane and reshapes the game when it is restored. It's unknown whether or not these new characters will be able to prevent Hastur's followers from plunging the world into a new age of terror and chaos, but they gain additional support from other characters, events, and support cards.


Image Number Title Faction Type Rarity Notes
1 Starving Artist Hastur Character F
2 Moon Worshiper Hastur Character F
3 Quixotic Poet Hastur Character F
4 Brother of the Black Lotus Hastur Character F
5 Starry-Eyed Adherent Hastur Character F
6 Surrealist Hastur Character F
7 Swift Byakhee Hastur Character F
8 Unhinged Laborer Hastur Character F
9 Demented Composer Hastur Character F
10 Patron of the Arts Hastur Character F
11 Mad Maudlin Hastur Character F
12 Tom O'Bedlam Hastur Character F
13 Erich Zann Hastur Character F
14 Benjamin Herriot Hastur Character F
15 Daughter of Atlach-Nacha Hastur Character F
16 A Scheme of Byakhees Hastur Character F
17 Alila Hastur Character F
Tru'nembra TMoM-18.png 18 Tru'nembra Hastur Character F
Hastur TMoM-19.png 19 Hastur Hastur Character F
20 Straitjacket Hastur Support F
21 Catacombs de Paris Hastur Support F
22 Fregoli Delusion Hastur Support F
23 The Dikes of Ys Hastur Support F
24 Unspeakable Promise Hastur Support F
25 Drawing the Sign Hastur Support F
26 Forbidden Sutra Hastur Support F
27 Corruption of Enlightenment Hastur Event F
28 The Dance of the Yellow King Hastur Event F
29 Acute Melancholia Hastur Event F
30 Lure of the Moon Hastur Event F
31 Cassilda's Song Hastur Event F
32 Induce Terror Hastur Event F
33 The Door That Will Not Close Hastur Conspiracy F
34 Whispers of Aoide Hastur Conspiracy F
35 Opening Night Hastur Conspiracy F
36 The Supplicant Neutral Character F
The Archmage, Arcanis TMoM-37.png 37 The Archmage, Arcanis Neutral Character F
Thaumaturgical Insight TMoM-38.png 38 Thaumaturgical Insight Neutral Event F
39 Jean-Jacques Minot The Agency Character F
40 Ward of Protection The Agency Support F
41 Mandy Aurel Cthulhu Character F
42 Striking Tentacle Cthulhu Event F
43 Walter Gilman Miskatonic University Character F
44 Black Book of Azathoth Miskatonic University Support F
45 Maria Suleman Shub-Niggurath Character F
46 The Thousand Shub-Niggurath Character F
47 Argent Adept The Order of the Silver Twilight Character F
48 Monsieur Lamar The Order of the Silver Twilight Character F
49 Dmitri Konstantinov The Order of the Silver Twilight Character F
50 Enchanted Gargoyle The Order of the Silver Twilight Support F
51 Invocation of the Abyss The Order of the Silver Twilight Event F
52 Parrain François The Syndicate Character F
53 Milieu Enforcement The Syndicate Support F
54 La Comtesse Yog-Sothoth Character F
Seer of the Gate TMoM-55.png 55 Seer of the Gate Yog-Sothoth Character F

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