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Terrible Old Man
Kingsport Horror
+1 Fight
+1 Luck
Upkeep: Pay 1 Focus and exhaust to gain 1 Sanity.
UniqueFL-21: The Terrible Old Man [F]
Ancient Hermit
His colleagues were not there at all, but only the Terrible Old Man leaning quietly on his knotted cane and smiling hideously.
Type Subtype
Character Independent
Faction Cost Skill
The Agency 1 1
Terror Combat Arcane Investigation
0 1 0 0
Card Text
While The Terrible Old Man is committed to a story, choose a struggle icon. Struggles of that type do not resolve in that story this phase unless an opponent pays 2.

Terrible Old Man is an Ally that appears in the Arkham Horror Second Edition Kingsport Horror.

The Terrible Old Man is a Character Card that appears in the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Forgotten Lore.


Arkham Horror Second Edition[]

The Terrible Old Man lives at 607 Water St. in Kingsport.[1]


FL-21 uses an illustration[?] by Patrick McEvoy.


The Terrible Old Man first appeared in the story The Terrible Old Man (H.P. Lovecraft, 1920).

The Terrible Old Man is an individual, known to a few as Captain Richard Holt, who lives at 607 Water St. in Kingsport.

Holt's family had lived in Kingsport for generations. In his youth, he traveled to the Far East, where he had learned much of the mystical traditions of that region, and to Hungary, where he visited The Black Stone. The locals whispered about the curious carvings in his yard and the bottles with lead pendulums inside with which he held conversations at night. He paid for his purchases at the local shops with gold and silver coins, yet he had no trouble with thieves after one attempted break-in. Few visit him in his house, as he dislikes visitors.[2]

Notes and references[]

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