Tommy Muldoon
The Rookie Cop
Streets of Arkham
Health Sanity
7 7
MoM2-Icon Strength MoM2-Icon Agility MoM2-Icon Observation
4 4 4
MoM2-Icon Lore MoM2-Icon Influence MoM2-Icon Will
2 4 3
Special Ability
You begin the game with the Becky Unique Item.
Tommy Muldoon
The Rookie Cop
Gates of Arkham
Sanity Stamina
4 6
Special Ability
Heroic Sacrifice: Each time another investigator loses stamina, Tommy may lose any amount of that stamina instead. Each time he loses any amount of stamina in this way, he regains 1 sanity.
Starting Items
ES-Icon Reward Common ItemES-Icon Reward Common ItemES-Icon Reward Clue

Tommy Muldoon is an Investigator that appears in the Arkham Horror Second Edition Innsmouth Horror, Mansions of Madness Second Edition Streets of Arkham and Elder Sign Gates of Arkham.


The Story So FarEdit

Tommy Muldoon wasn't sure what was going on in this crazy city. He'd no sooner graduated from the Police Academy in Boston than he'd been loaned out to the Arkham Sheriff's department. That wouldn't have been so bad, except that some of the stuff going on in Arkham was right out of a bad horror novel. Weird creatures in the woods, people found turned inside out, and worse.

Still, Tommy had sworn to protect and serve, and he would do his best to live up to those vows, no matter what. Besides, he had his trusty rifle, Becky. what could go wrong?

Standing in front of the Police Station, Tommy feels a shiver run down his back at the thought. "Ok, Tommy," he mutters to himself, "Time to be a hero."[1]

Tommy Muldoon arrived in Arkham fresh from police training in Boston, eager to make a difference. Even though his whole family in in law enforcement, Tommy found he was not prepared for the bizarre crimes cropping up in Arkham. But whether the crime scene is a smoky speakeasy or a blood-stained altar, Tommy will not rest until he can bring the culprit to justice. And with his trusty rifle Becky by his side, Tommy feels ready to face even the most hopeless of situations.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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