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Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality...

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Trauma Expansion No. Cost Multi? Effect
Broken Arm Core Set 8 I'll be alright. I'll just keep it in a sling. I probably won't even need to use that arm.
Receive −2 to all attribute tests during combat.
Broken Leg Core Set 4 Slow down! I can't keep up.
If you move more than once during your turn, you are dealt 1 damage.
Back Injury Core Set 4 We'll ration, and only bring what we need. Pack light or we'll never make it.
If you ever have more than 1 equipment(?) card and 1 weapon(?) card, you must drop the excess.
Concussion Core Set 8 [Grabbing while slowly shaking your head.] Ughh, what happened?
Discard 1 skill point when you receive this card.
You receive −2 Intellect (to a minimum of 1).
Demoralizing Injury Core Set Oh God. It hurts so bad. I can't go do this anymore. I give up, just kill me already!
Take 1 horror. If you are currently taking your turn, it immediately ends.
Then discard this card.
Hearing Loss Core Set [[Yelling over the ringing]]WHAT? You want me to shoot NOW?
You receive −2 Dexterity (to a minimum of 1).
Loss of Vision Core Set [Grabs temples and squints.] Ugh, I don't see anything down here, but you may want to take a look yourself.
Whenever you explore, treat the room as if it were in darkness.
Arcane Scar Forbidden Alchemy 8 It's glowing! Why is it glowing? Agh! It burns!
Each time you or an investigator in your room casts a spell, take 1 damage.
Infected Wound Forbidden Alchemy Grah! That stings! IS it supposed to be leaking like that? It smells terrible!
You may not heal more than 1 damage during each game round.
Internal Bleeding Forbidden Alchemy 4 I'm alright...I'm just tired. It's just been a long night. Let's keep moving.
After you take an action, test Luck.
Pass: Nothing happens.
Fail: Take 1 damage.
Severe Blood Loss Forbidden Alchemy 1 I can't stop the bleeding! There's blood everywhere!
Once during his Action Step, the keeper may spend 1 threat to force you to test Strength.
Pass: Nothing happens.
Fail: Take 1 damage.
Blighted Wound Call of the Wild Did you see that? Did you see them crawl out of my skin?
You are cursed and stunned.
Then discard this card.
Blood on Unholy Ground Call of the Wild 4 As my blood drips on the ground, I feel dark magic take hold.
Take 1 horror.
The keeper then gains 2 threat, and may immediately perform 1 Keeper action. Then discard this card.
Loss of Vigor Call of the Wild 8 There is no way I'm getting in harm's way again.
After you perform an attack action, take 1 horror.


Trauma Expansion No. Cost Multi? Effect
All Alone Core Set X There is no one. Just me. I am the last human left. The rest, they are all demons. I see them... [laughs] I do!
Each time you enter a room containing another investigator, or one enters your room, test your Willpower.
Pass: Nothing happens.
Fail: Take 1 horror.
Bugs! Bugs Under My Skin! Core Set Get them OFF! The bugs, they're itching, they're crawling... Oh God, they're everywhere!
Drop all of your Starting Item and Exporation cards in your current room.
Then discard this card.
Claustrophobia Core Set 4 The walls are closing in, I can't breathe, I need space. LET ME OUT!
Each time you end your turn in a room that contains only 1 space, take 1 horror.
Dementia Core Set 4 What is going on?
Where am I?

Discard all your skill points.
Then discard this card.
Forbidden Knowledge Core Set If what it says here is true then, then... no. NOOO! [shakes head, pauses and clenches teeth] It... is... not... true.
Each time you use a tome(?) card or gain skill points, take 1 horror (limit once per turn).
Friend? Core Set X2 0 X I knew it. I've been betrayed! I see what you really are. [chuckles] I see your slimy tail!
The keeper may move you up to 1 space and then choose an investigator for you to attack as if he were a humanoid monster. The keeper chooses which of your weapons to use.
Then discard this card.
It is Alive! Core Set 4 I touched it... Th...the door knob. It wasn't a knob. I couldn't pull away fast enough. [sobs] It was alive. I felt its heart beat.
Each time you attempt to move through a door, test your Willpower +1.
Pass: Nothing happens.
Fail: Take 1 horror.
Kleptomania Core Set X This is MINE, you can't have it. That is also mine. Give it to me now!
During the Investigator Trading Step, you may not give items to other players.
You must also take 1 tradeable card of your choice from an investigator in your space (if able).
Nyctophobia Core Set Did you hear something? Where is the light switch? [whispers come from the darkness] Oh God, where is the light?
Each time you enter a basement, attic, cave, or room in darkness, test your Willpower.
Pass: Nothing happens.
Fail: Take 1 horror.
Panic Core Set X2 What am I going to do? There is nothing I CAN do. I need to get out of here right now. [takes a deep breath, then screams] I NEED TO GET OUT!
The keeper may immediately move you up to 3 spaces.
Then discard this card.
Spectrophobia Core Set 4 I can't look. I know it's going to be something horrible. I mustn't look. I can't take it, I really can't.
When making a horror test, you automatically fail unless you roll a 1 or 2.
The Only Way Out Core Set 0 4(?) I can't get out! There's no way out of here. I need to get out! [pauses, then grins] There is one way out.
The keeper must spend 4 threat to play this card.
You are killed.
Autophobia Forbidden Alchemy X Don't leave me. Please... something here wants to kill me. Don't leave me alone!
At the end of your turn, take 1 horror if you are more than 4 spaces away from the closest investigator.
Delusions of Grandeur Forbidden Alchemy 4 0 You can't hurt me! You hear me? I know this is a dream! I'll wake up at any moment now...
Once during his Action Step, the keeper may force you to heal 1 horror. When he does so, he gains 1 threat. Discard this card if you ever have 0 horror.
Obsessive Curiosity Forbidden Alchemy 4 There's something here—something I'm missing. I must keep looking until I find it!
You must use your Action Step to explore unless either there are no Exploration cards in your room or all Exploration cards in your room are faceup.
Overzealous Forbidden Alchemy You can't stop me! You hear me? I'll beat you, no matter what it takes!
Each time you use a skill point, the keeper may gain 1 threat, draw 1 Mythos card, or draw 1 Trauma card.
Rage Forbidden Alchemy I'm tired of running! Come on, face me! Let's end this!
If you choose to evade a monster in your space, you automatically fail the evade test.
Schizophrenia Forbidden Alchemy 2 Who's there? What do you want? Get out of my head!
Once during his Action Step, the keeper may spend 2 threat to force you to make a horror check against any monster on the map (even if it's not in your room).
Shifting Allegiance Forbidden Alchemy 0 2 I see now. There is no escape. I belong here. This is my true purpose...
Once during his Action Step, the keeper may spend 2 threat to force you to test Willpower −2.
Pass: Nothing happens.
Fail: You are killed and the keeper places a cultist in your space.
Something to Prove Forbidden Alchemy 1 I can do this! No one will ever doubt me again!
Once during his Action Step, the keeper may spend 1 threat to move you into the same space as a monster in your room or force you to attack a monster.
Cleansing Purge Call of the Wild 4 I cannot go on until my spirit is cleansed. Material possessions are a curse to mankind!
The keeper chooses 1 of your Starting Item cards.
Remove the chosen card from the game. Then discard this Trauma card.
Completing the Ritual Call of the Wild 0 Ygn'oth grn'fra. Ia! Ia! Cthulhu!
The keeper may move you up to 2 spaces. Then, if you are at the Ritual Site or in a space with an altar, the keeper may place 1 Eldritch monster of his choice in your space.
Then discard this card.
Prayer to the Wrong Gods Call of the Wild Oh Azathoth, save me!
You are cursed. The keeper may either move you 1 space or destroy a barrier in your space.
Then discard this card.
Purifying Flames Call of the Wild 4 They are dirty. They are filthy! Burn away these sins. Burn them all!
After you perform an Explore action, the keeper may place a fire token in your room.
Self Sacrifice Call of the Wild 2 My life is mine to give, and hers to take!
The keeper deals you up to 3 damage. Then discard this card.
If this kills you, you are eliminated from the game.
Trigger Happy Call of the Wild Did it move? Quick; shoot it! SHOOT IT!
After you perform an attack with a ranged weapon, the keeper may deal 1 damage to any investigator (including yourself) within 2 range of you.