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Er'nrawr resources or domains?


I'll start: 1) AH, Oliver Grayson ally card, offered for purchase in "Ghouls of the Miskatonic" 2) AH monster bag and two GOO (new Cthulhu and Daoloth), given out at Arkham Nights 2010; also printed scenarios? Am I missing anything else? 3) Yellow Sign dice bag, ancient ones for AH (new Hastur) and Elder Sign (Daoloth), 24-page Arkham Nights 2011 booklet (including guide to expansions and new AH scenario), given out at Arkham Nights 2011

It's just been announced on the ffg website that there is a new promo mythos card with the new AH novel - Dance of the Damned. Probably a mail in like the ally card with Ghouls of the Miskatonic.

Do you know whether someone has image or text up for the "To the Barricades!" scenario?

Edit: Complete Goodie Bag from the 2010 Arkham Nights event in Roseville, MN, USA Includes: 1. A revised Cthulhu Ancient One card (AH) 2. A Daoloth Ancient One (AH) 3. Three custom domain cards for Call of Cthulhu LCG 4. Lanyard 5. Monster Bag - black with silver elder sign (AH) 6. Full color print of mythos artwork 7. Souvenir program that has designer commentary, artwork from Mansions of Madness, two deck lists by the LCG designer, an excerpt from the upcoming AH/mythos novel and a new scenario for AH.

Complete Goodie Bag from the 2011 Arkham Nights event in Roseville, MN, USA Includes: 1 Hastur Ancient One card for the Arkham Horror game 1 Daoloth Ancient One card for the Elder Sign game 1 Dice/Monster Token bag with a Yellow Sign printed in gold metallic paint (AH) 1 2011 Arkham Nights art print 1 2011 Arkham Nights neck lanyard 1 2011 Arkham Nights event guidebook with: Interview with Kevin Wilson and Richard Launius, designers of the Arkham Horror and Elder Sign games. Guide to Arkham Horror expansions. "To the Barricades" special Arkham Horror scenario. 2 Decklists for the Call of Cthulhu LCG. Forbidden Alchemy expansion preview for Mansions of Madness game. Excerpt from the "Dance of the Damned" novel by Alan Bligh.

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Evil from beyond has come to the museum!

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