Wilson Richards
The Handyman
Beyond the Threshold
Health Sanity
8 6
MoM2-Icon Strength MoM2-Icon Agility MoM2-Icon Observation
5 4 3
MoM2-Icon Lore MoM2-Icon Influence MoM2-Icon Will
2 4 3
Special Ability
After you resolve a horror check, become Focused.
Wilson Richards
The Handyman
Unseen Forces
Sanity Stamina
5 5
Special Ability
Jack of All Trades: After Wilson rolls the yellow die, he may change its result to any other result on that die.
Starting Items
ES-Icon Reward Common ItemES-Icon Reward Clue

Wilson Richards is an Investigator that appears in the Arkham Horror Second Edition Dunwich Horror, Mansions of Madness Second Edition Beyond the Threshold, and Elder Sign Unseen Forces.


The Story So FarEdit

You see a lot of strange things on the road, and Wilson has been traveling for many years now. Wandering from town to town, he's earned his keep by taking various odd jobs - but he's never seen anything like the events occurring in Arkham.

Something's just not right here, and when you're a loner and a drifter by trade, you develop a certain sixth sense about people and places. Right now Wilson's sixth sense is telling him to get out of town, and fast. But for some reason his curiosity is greater than his fear, and he has a weird feeling that the job he needs to do in Arkham may be a little bigger than mending a step or painting a fence.[1]

Wilson Richards has always been good with his hands. He has a certain knack for fixing all things broken, busted, or trashed. Wilson goes where the work calls him, moving from job to job as he is needed. He finds that if he offers folks a fair deal, they will treat him fairly enough in return. Still, he has seen some strange things on the road, and the abandoned and dilapidated houses are not the only places where he has felt his skin crawl. Those great big mansions sometimes have more wrong with them than just a leaky roof. Wilson Richards knows he cannot fix everything, but when a man is fortunate enough to know his calling, he also knows better than to ignore it.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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